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Monday, 04 August 2014


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Completely off topic (but it is your correspondent JK after all) one would think any beverage labeled Swill would've set off alarms.


Would it be possible to clone him.

Twice one for you and once for us.

So you had better watch out, JK, when you go up in them thar hills!

'We shall not see his like again', Hank.

A Hundred years on and world peace is threatened now as it was then by rogue states Russia, China, Islamic extremists, tin pot dictators and barbaric war lords. Two horrendous world wars it appears have not taught us anything. The belligerent if anything are more numerous the West's ability to contain them is as usual not nearly adequate enough. The old adage "if you desire peace then prepare for war" a truism that is once again being blatantly ignored. Unilateralists, appeasers, dim-wit lefties and the like are in the ascendancy and this time as they are destroying our economies and societies they are also destroying our will and ability to resist aggression. Defence is vital for freedom loving people and the price we need to pay to maintain our democracies and civil liberties is to spend very much more on our military even if it means spending less on welfare and social engineering. Not the other way round as we are currently doing.

I wonder when was the last time a minister felt the need to carry the House with him in order to achieve the ends which he thought to be most in the interests of the country?

Sic transit...

Sir Edward Grey was one of a group of politicians and the King who lumbered us with an alliance with France.

Exactly! And he was absolutely right to do so!

He was great man at the right time and place. Something us Brits are lucky to have. Clegg not included. What a knobend the man is giving comfort to Warsi and fundamentalist Islamic nutters.

Happy to agree with you, Jimmy.

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