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Thursday, 28 August 2014


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One of the "benefits" of the Obama years has been the complete unmasking of the American Left and with it a large segment of the Democrat party. This party is drawing on its history of Plantation Life as reality. Black people in America have been under the control of white democrats, in one form or another, for two hundred years. Or, in other words, as long as the "Democratic party" has been in existence. Blacks represented the means of economic power in 1814 and the means of electoral power in 2014. To maintain a Plantation, certain things are required--power at the top, visible overseers who owe their livelihoods to the Power, plenty of dependent and marginally educated occupants. Also needed is a very strong fence that may or may not be seen to keep those within unexposed to any "contrary" ideas from without.

This current situation in Ferguson is what the American race industry has been dreaming of. All of the players are on stage with their own scripts in hand. The chorus and band directors are in the middle of it before the full truth comes out to spoil the production. All the facts are weeks away so in the void, the race arsonists are doing improv. Fortunately, most of America is no longer with the race industry as a great deal of progress has been made in our country. But progress for some is threatening to others. That's where we are at the moment. The desperate reactionaries will in all likelihood overplay their hand. Reactionaries tend to do that.

That sounds like a dismal but fair summary to me. When, I wonder, will the blacks wake up and realise they are being used? Your reference to "history of Plantation Life" ties in with Miniter's point that the bible of the Democrat Left-wing when it comes to race politics is "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Something that *may/may not* be worthy of consideration in "why Missouri"

Polar Bear Hunting in other places sometimes referred to as, The Knockout Game made its first appearance in St Louis Missouri.

True there is still some of that novel present. Some blacks are waking up, especially in light of a black president who has done nothing for them. In fact, overall prospects for that population have diminished under Obama. This could be a turning point but the "Mockingbird" race industry will fight it "hammer and sickle".


Of course any thing said about US race relations if true in one place is false in several more, including this statement.


It seems to me there only two groups whose thinking is absolutely dominated by race in US society.

The survivors of the KKK mentality.

Your basic far left supporter.

At least the KKK is more honest about the poison they spew.

And, Hank, the KKK is now a tiny minority where-as far Left supporters actually run your government!

And, Hank, the KKK is now a tiny minority where-as far Left supporters actually run your government!

"fight it "hammer and sickle"."

Love it!

David get a grip of your thermal underwear. The yanks are right wing. Even the left are right.

Jimmy, you are mistaking the avarice with which almost all American politicians are contaminated with their underlying political sympathies. Just read up on the late Saul Alinsky who is the shining light that leads most the Obama 'apparat'.

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