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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


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Sounds like France is about to run out of other people's money. In addition, from what I can tell from way over here, their streets are often filled with immigrant rioters who are not willing to assimilate and revile the government for supporting them at the same time they refuse. All this will become too much for the average Frenchman and, failing government action, will deal with the rioters themselves. Many an elite will silently applaud but will want to keep away from the unsavory sorts at the same time.

I thought the French specialised in bonking - n'est ce pas.

Bugger. Forgot to say "G'day Whitewall. Hope all is well with you in the O'Bummerland"

"Even the young have no further ambition than to get a job in the civil service where the hours are easy, the working life short and the pension enormous!"

Well, if you were a young French man or woman and given that no one is interested in what you say or think, is this not the sensible thing to do? After all, life is not all about work is it? Or it shouldn't be.

In any case, when you retire at 50 on your vast pension, you are young enough to take up a second career or perhaps become a double dipper!

Better than an ambition to get a pay out from the state where the hours are easy, the working life non-existent and the pension guaranteed, even if it isn't for the hard working population!

G'day AussieD. The French have many specialties...just ask them. I saw a poll last night-blast if I can recall the source-that found support for ISIS at 2% in Britain, 7% in Germany and 16% in France. If France is to be a viable economic partner to anybody, her demographics and attitudes must change. Instead of the masses of ignorant peasants overthrowing the wealthy, they had better look much lower on the economic and cultural ladder.

We are just hunky dory here in the land of O'bama inspired detachment.

... blast if I can recall the source ...

JK to the rescue Whitewall!

(The poll was conducted by ICM Research for the Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya.)

Well thar she be! Thanks JK

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