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Monday, 25 August 2014


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Mmmm, I suppose some denizen of the Home Office murmured, 'could be in a spot of bother here, call my mates at the CPS, should hold off the stink until after the election..'. But what bothers me is the cost - and how could it have been worth while having coppers living under the duvets for years - at say £50K+/year + overtime and exes and management costs. Not as if these ladies were fully fledged dangers to the foundations of society, more a minor nuisance, not exactly Yardies or AQ were they. Not that I blame the coppers, a bit despicable yes but orders is orders, no, I would be asking some hard questions of their management and why exactly I should continue paying them for being numpties. Anyway, the criminal law still has some way to run on this one and the civil case should be good for a laugh - and Jo Public will be paying for the privilege.

And to think what I missed because I once thought about joining the Met. They told me about plodding the streets of London which I didn't fancy but not the rest of it!

Knew there was a reason for reading the Monday funnies!

I trust, Uppers, that you were not sniggering at what passed (in a flash!) as my early love life!

The question that should be asked of those sad pathetic women is did they have an orgasm.

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