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Tuesday, 05 August 2014


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Gardeners' Question Time.......sounds pretty subversive to me.
And is that a Hitler hair style your batty buddy is cultivating?

Nip it in the bud, I say!

I'm very sensitive to this type of hidden racism. That's why, when I'm in the garden, all I do is trim the wife's bush.

You need a very small whipper snipper for that, Dom.

You need a very small whipper snipper for that

That calls for a smart arse reply Andra but out of respect for Mrs Dom I'm not going there.

There has to be somewhere they breed idiots like Pitcher. We should find it and nuke it till it and they glow.

And if anyone is looking to acquire a spare Prime Minister and Attorney General we have a couple of gutless wonders down here that have just set back free speech to pre-Magna Carta.

He would certainly enjoy my, ejem, garden. Totally multicultural, no trace of pure races there.

Sounds like my sort of garden, Ortega!

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