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Friday, 01 August 2014


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Since pre-history it has been a truism that you have won nothing unless your troops stand on and hold ground against all comers.

It amazes me that Israel does not systematically wipe out HAMAS by the old fashioned and brutal option of combined infantry/armour/artillery assault until their resolve is totally destroyed. It is obvious that Egypt and Jordan despise HAMAS for religious/political reasons and would probably welcome the demise of an organisation which is contrary to their own interests.

As I see it there is no way you can negotiate peace with an organisation/ideology sworn to destroy your country and annihilate your people. There is only one answer brutal though it may be. Either you survive or you are destroyed.

Well, AussieD, they seem to be getting all the worst publicity without any of the gains. Mind you, I don't have any useful suggestions to make.

I thought this was interesting, which I got from Mick Hartley's site:

Grim reading, Dom, whether you are an Israeli or a Palestinian!

At the top of the Islamofascist list is lifting the Israeli blockade. So - tighten it up! Don't supply them anything; cut off the electricity line, don't trade with them. Build a socking great wall along the Gazan border.

Just compare the amazing number of well-fed young Arabs you see on your TV with the typical disaster area people in Africa. These people are doing alright at our expense. Just cut the money off. Your friend Dave could cut ours off right now.

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