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Saturday, 02 August 2014


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He also has to put up with the American media. Don't read the whole thing, the title says it all.


If someone is under the misapprehension that unions represent their membership:

Any contract in effect was grandfathered until the next normal renegotiation.

Several contracts came up for renegotiation between the time the law was passed and it went into effect. The unions were quite happy to sign a management proposal that cut wages and working conditions but allowed the union to collect dues for several more years.

The recession came early to rural Wisconsin.

The public sector workers in question had a higher average wage rural Wisconsin, those who still had a job. As you can guess the union case did not play well there.

If Gov Walker had done nothing, every school district and local government would have been forced to lay off workers to the benefits of those it kept. The unions were reasonably satisfied with this if they kept control of the membership and had the dues collected automatically.

His total proposal made it possible that no one was laid off, though they had to pay more for benefits. It did this by cutting the unions ability to object. The unions could still represent basic wages and speak for individual members in a dispute over whether member X or supervisor Y was the biggest jerk.

The only losers was the union organisations and their allies.

I've got a long standing friend in Milwaukee. His reaction to the election and re-election was as if he had won the lottery. Mind you his political leanings may have something to do with 30 years in uniform.
From a distance and being somewhat uninformed it would seem that a Democrat victory in their elections would be a disaster for the West.

Thanks for the link, Dom, I skim read most of it and my admiration for Walker rose even higher!

Hank, I just hope he wins BIG in October because that will provide him with a suitable launch-pad.

It will be a disaster for everyone, AussieD!

"Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) leads our list, as he has since we introduced it last year."

Gov. Walker is an attractive candidate from a policy success standpoint as well as that intangible delight of making Lefty heads explode in uncontrolled rage. This explosion aspect seems to get easier.

It all depends, I guess, on how well he wins in October.

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