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Friday, 29 August 2014


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I would pay good money to view the spectacle of Britain leaving the UK.

First sentence.

Bang on the money again, Duff. Remember John Major's 'Game, set and match to Britain'? What a bunch of weasels.

David, it really doesn't matter who forms the next government as the Tories, Labour and the Limp Dems are all basically the same party. All we stand to get is a different figurehead and the fact that it might be Millipede doesn't really make an iota of difference.

The only result that will change things is if UKIP do well enough to have a number of MPs elected. Basically that will put a real rocket up the arses of the Liblabcon party and they will be forced to take at least some notice of the concerns and hopes of the ordinary people they purport to represent.

Who gives a toss about that splitter joining the Putin worshipping, anti-libertarian, ex-BNP, neo-Nasty Party?

Who gives a toss about ISIS when Hezbollah, the Iranians, and the other Shiite nutters can take care of them?

Our Western family is under direct, symmetric, attack, in a fully featured conventional war lead against us by the last unreconstructed family member.

Play this to see what a direct, symmetric conventional war looks like, if you'd forgotten the maps from your European military history books: -

Wake up Britain. Wake up Europe. Wake up America. Ffs.


Richard, perhaps your distance from 'base' has 'lent enchantment to your eyes' but there is a hell of a difference between Miliband's Labour party under the real leadership of Len McCluskey and that of his predecessor, let alone his pre-predecessor. Just think Michael Foot and shudder!

SoD, the thing you should *not* give a toss about is who rules the Ukraine. It has absolutely no strategic interest to the UK which, I would remind you, is YOUR country, not the conglomeration of foreign bits and pieces that calls itself, and please don't laugh, the European 'Union'! Those jumped=up idiots will huff 'n' puff and thus risk setting us all at war for something that 'is not the worth the bones of a single Grenadier Guardsman'!

David, In Britain, we seem to be caught between the Scylla of Millipede (Len McCluskey) and the Charybdis of Cameron (Bilderberg/Merkel) Our country is no longer recognisable as the land I grew up in and unless something drastic happens, it will go down the pan completely WHICHEVER OF OUR PUPPET POLITICAL PARTIES IS IN CHARGE.

Lawrence, your views of UKIP are noted and I share some of your reservations about them, however they are still very useful for the purposes of protest voting.

One thing I should mention. The Muslim community or Ummah doesn't work the way you seem to think. Muslims can commit genocide and all sorts of bestiality against their fellow Muslims and nobody bats an eyelid. However, if any Muslims are killed by those who are not their co-religionists, there will be hell to pay. My point is that Hezbollah, the Iranians and all the other Shiite nutters are going to do absolutely nothing about ISIS.

You are (I'm afraid) wrong about the principal threat to world peace. This still comes from radical Islam. The difference between Islamist extremists and the likes of Putin, is that the former can't be reasoned with at all. One day, they will get a nuke and then I shudder to think what will happen.

Putin on the other hand while extremely nasty, is also highly logical and CAN be reasoned with. He will also back down if sufficient armed force or/and economic sanctions are brought into play against him. Unfortunately, that would require DECISIVE measures to be taken and for that to happen we would need real leaders and statesmen in both Europe and America - which we simply haven't got.

One of the enduring lessons of history is that if tyrants are not stopped early, the threat they pose will get a lot worse. If this happens there will be a heavy price to pay in blood before the situation is resolved. It looks to me as if history is going to repeat itself. I'm afraid that things are going to get MUCH WORSE before they get better.

"David, In Britain, we seem to be caught between the Scylla of Millipede (Len McCluskey) and the Charybdis of Cameron (Bilderberg/Merkel)". Quality writing like this is part of why I so enjoy this blog! The rest of your offering is spot on. Don't count on anything useful from America for another 30 months. We are fighting the PC demons who can't bring themselves to allow Muslim Jihadists to be called "terrorists".

"Our Western family is under direct, symmetric, attack, in a fully featured conventional war lead against us by the last unreconstructed family member."

Our Western family, eh ? I suppose 1914 and 1939 were just "domestic disputes" ?

How about "Our people, totally demoralised, atomised and degenerate, now under the control of a transnational elite, are being subjected to systematic propaganda designed to legitimise an EU/USA power grab in those areas of Europe where the process of demoralisation, atomisation and degeneration is not yet complete (i.e. they are "unreconstructed")."

"Our Western family, eh ? I suppose 1914 and 1939 were just "domestic disputes" ?"

Yes. As a result, several family members got reconstructed. That you prefer the unreconstructed Nazi Germany and fascist Italy to "degenerate" modern day Germany and Italy speaks volumes about what you consider "degenerate", and about you. Putin's appeal to the form of those atomic, moral, stalwarts of times gone by attracts you, doesn't it?

Put your x in Farage's box; tomorrow might well belong to you. Yesterday certainly did.


As an outsider I'd have thought a lot of Brits would be more worried about what their country is coming to by the total political and judicial cowardice displayed in the Rotherham situation. Those held responsible for the lack of action to the plight of these girls should be looking at long stays in HM's Prison system.

Until you fix your internal malaise then any concentration on things foreign is a case of "Oh, look over there, a Unicorn". I realise foreign issues cannot be totally ignored but you have more urgent issues than Vlad the Impaler and the Euroweenies to deal with.

Get them fixed before SWMBO and I grace the UK with our presence next year.

Lawrence, my question to you is simple: are you prepared to go to war with Russia over Eastern Ukraine?


And now let me ask you a question.

Are you prepared to go to war over Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia?


There was an interesting item this morning on Al Jazera. They were interviewing Frenchmen who were fighting for the Ukraine in eastern Ukraine. Apparently there are other nationalities as well from western and central Europe. I tried googling it and discovered that there are Serbs fighting for the Russians. So there are obviously opportunities for Lawrence to fight for freedom and justice. He just has to decide which side he will kill for!

Don't think you'll not be joining me, BOE, because sooner or later, you will. And that's my point.

Let's see when the Gaffer feels is his time to throw his gauntlet down.


Last time we asked the Gaffer he said it was when conflict got to France. We'll see if there's been any mission creep, or cheese eating, since then.


Aussie D,
It is exactly the sort of political correctness and craven judicial cowardice displayed in Rotherham, that has driven me from my own country. I am now working in Moscow. As you have probably realised, I am no fan of Putin (to put it mildly) but at least he doesn't tolerate that kind of crap in Russia.

If the Ukranians need my help they are really in trouble! Given that I am 78!!!!

As far as you know Richard, Putin doesn't tolerate Rotherham stuff in Russia. But then, I don't suppose Stalin knew about Beria's fondness for small Russian girls.

Russia has had to put up with far worse. Vlad The Impaler and his 'gangsterocracy' are fluffy little baa-lambs in comparison to the likes of Stalin and Beria.

"Are you prepared to go to war over Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia?"

Of course not! And I do wish, SoD, that you would raise your imagination from the war-games tables you attend and concentrate on the real thing. A war with Russia would be catastrophic! And yes, BOE and me *would* be involved despite our advanced ages because Russian missiles would reach here in minutes.

*If* Eastern Europe is a *real* problem then it is a real *German* problem. Let the 'Kaiserin' dip into her overloaded purse and pay for war, after all, they have a great deal more experience fighting Russia than we do - and Eastern Europe is on their, er, door-steppe!

And do you really want to die for the greater glory of 'Juncker the Drunker'?

You're going to die for the greater glory of Juncker the Drunker whether you like it or not, because, well, y'always did. This time will be no exception, it's just whether it's sooner or later.

So where is your line in the sand? Still France, I don't know what the CESM's did to deserve your blood that the Ukrainians didn't, but I'd like to know.

One more thing. The war to end all wars. No, it won't be that, but when the last unreconstructed family member graduates from the re-education program, it might be the war to end all wars in Europe. So far, every European conflict that has festered and erupted over centuries has been quelled to a trace by membership of the EU and Nato. Look at the Balkans.

If there was ever anything worth dying for for future generations of Britons and Europeans, I'm not sure anything else comes close.


No, our forefathers did NOT die for 'Juncker the Drunker', by and large, they died for the perceived national self-interest of this Island. And how do you know - for sure! - that a war between three nuclear-armed, European powers with, possibly the USA involved as well, will not end in catastrophe? Are really certain you want to take that risk for - Eastern Ukraine?! Do me a favour!!!!

And *you* keep looking at the Balkans yourself! Latest news is that there are Serbian irregulars fighting for the Russian side in Ukraine. Also, keep looking at your history books. The Congress of Vienna (ie, the Russians, the Prussians, the Austrians and the Brits - with a bit of sly imput from that rascal Talleyrand) drew up a map of Europe and it more or less held for a hundred years without any need for a central European government.

Today, it's Germany that needs to draw lines in the East, not us. And if they decline to do so then why should we - and even if we were so minded - would they let us?

The self-interest of this island is the inclusion of the last, currently unreconstructed, member of the European family into the EU and Nato. That's Britain's, and Europe's, long term security (from the threat of ourselves) in the bag after 2,000 years of waiting.

This war is going to be a long poker game with a slowly upped ante across many fronts: media, economic, cyber, military asymmetric and symmetric. No need to rush anything. We've been at war with Russia before without resorting to nukes or even military symmetric. The adage "Mutual Assured Destruction" needs dusting down and bandying around so no-one gets over-excited. It's just back to a new cold war with the iron curtain shifted a bit farther East because we won the last one. And Russia will collapse again like it did last time, and then we'll get the family together at last.

Yes, there's a chance of oblivion. But there was from 1945-1990, but we all grinned and bore it. I don't think this one'll be quite so protracted. But we do need to wake up to the new reality and start playing our hand.


"'The self-interest of this island is the inclusion of the last, currently unreconstructed, member of the European family into the EU and Nato."

Can I just clear something up for you Lawrence? The EU is a proto-nation state, which is keen to control the power levels of your Dad's vacuum cleaner. NATO is an alliance of independent countries who don't care how small his vacuum cleaner is, as long as he keeps his promise to bring it along if another member of the alliance needs help cleaning the carpet.

You don't seem to know that Britain was a founder member of NATO - odd that. Well, perhaps it isn't.

Straight bananas and low power vacuum cleaners is no reason to leave one of a pair of institutions that have brought us prosperity and security for decades.

The EU has brought its members internal security by neutralizing nationalist tendencies and border conflicts which have put Europe in constant conflict for the 2,000 years leading up to the last 70.

The first way the EU works to neutralize nationalism and border conflicts is by granting the national political elites a bigger stage on which to strutt their funky stuff than their smaller national stages. That will always castrate nationalism by depriving it of its most ambitious politicians.

The second way is to offer ordinary people open borders and, like free trade, the chance to find the best price for their labour. The people who move to find jobs tend to be the ones from the most dysfunctional states where unrest and conflict might be on the cards; by removing themselves, they, like the politicians, deprive nationalism and border conflicts of their most energetic and capable cannon fodder.

I grant you that the Euro is a malformed and incompetently operated currency that is rallying nationalist tendencies, and its implosion may well destroy the EU and plunge us back into the dark ages of nationalism and border conflicts. One can agree with an objective and a strategy, while railing against the idiots implementing it.

Security and prosperity are worth more than straight bananas and low power vacuum cleaners. As if our own politicos are incapable of such idiocies. Look what they managed to instigate in Rotherham, for example.

I'm not sure what I said to make you think I didn't know that Britain was a founder member of Nato. Perhaps my last comment was unclear in that you thought I was referring to Britain as being the last unreconstructed member of the EU and Nato? I was referring to Russia.


It's not free trade, but mutually assured destruction due to nuclear weapons on both sides that has preserved the peace. Our open borders, which we cannot control due to EU diktat, have resulted in FAR too many people coming to our shores from dysfunctional countries. As a direct consequence of the high numbers of immigrants, many of them have formed into ghettos, living according to their own laws instead of integrating. A small but significant proportion of them hate everything that their adopted country stand for and are prepared to take up arms against us. Consequently we now have a terrorist problem infinitely larger than when the IRA was at its peak. Far from neutralising nationalist tendencies, these have been increased by the controlling power bloc of Germany and France acting repeatedly in its own narrow interests. Many nations - Britain among them - are fed up to the back teeth with having the vast majority of their laws thrust upon them by an un-democratically accountable legislative body that CANNOT be voted out of office.

From the arguments of most liberal lefties, you would think that we were a small primitive nation that had had to be rescued by European beneficence. The truth is that as a former empire we were doing very well pre Common Market, EEC and EU, when we were trading with America and the Commonwealth and we would go back to doing very well trading with them if we were wise enough to leave.

Our farms and fishing industries are in absolute shreds due to EU regulations, and large numbers of people coming in from Europe and Asia who are prepared to work for peanuts have undercut the local labour market, overloaded schools and social services to breaking point and displaced the indigenous population. 'Security and prosperity?' Give us a break! The Euro is an absolute train crash with centrally set interest rates that are killing off countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece.

I have heard the expression 'International Relations' defined as 'Nations buttfcuking other nations on a grand scale.' This would certainly apply to the EU. If he were alive today, perhaps Von Clausewitz would define EU strategy as, 'The continuation of war by other, other means.'

I support Putin. He had the bottle to take on the Islamists without apology now he takes on the Ukranian upper class that want to take the dollar and euro. Fuck them and well done the Russkies.

"The truth is that as a former empire we were doing very well pre Common Market, EEC and EU"

Richard, we were utterly screwed by the time we got to the 70's under our own steam. The irony is, outside the EU and in particular the single market, the natural British 20th century tendency towards paternalism, bureaucracy, statism, unionisation, and public sectorism, regulation, protectionism and the plethora of leftist crap that got us into the absolute mess of the 1970's would flourish. It is the demands of the single market that have obliged Britain to sustain the Thatcher revolution, in spite of incessant pressure from reactionary forces in the 90's and 00's. You want to do public sector bloat and let the unions run the country? You end up like the cheese-eaters, totally fuckement.

And competitive pressure on wages and salaries wouldn't be any different if we blocked immigration. The immigrants would simply produce the goods and services somewhere else where they get paid less - thereby forcing the price down for the jobs they vacate in the UK, guaranteeing that no Brit would take their place. SO you'd be obliged to follow through the logic of the anti-immigration argument with protectionism. Back to 1970 it is.

The argument that says that public services are fixed in output even when more people are here paying taxes and causing corporation tax and vat tax inputs to the public coffers shows you've fallen for the great lie of the public sector: we can't do more even if you pay us more, we only do the same if you pay us more, and if you pay us the same, we do less. The antithesis of the private sector.

And finally, it was you who was glorifying the wonderful Islamic cultural mores that have just ruined the lives of 1400 young Brit girls, following in the footsteps of the prophet and his 8-12 year old fuck-buddy.

Time for bed,


I actually agree with you about "the plethora of leftist crap" that you refer to. However with regard to work being done by immigrants, while they are doing all this wonderful stuff - and I salute their work ethic by the way - we are also paying billions to unemployed indigenous Brits and to make things worse we make it uneconomically viable for them to take the first step on the employment ladder... more leftist crap I'm afraid.

I'm not sure how you have managed to deduce my alleged view on the Public Sector. What I actually think is that has become grossly inflated, is a drain on the nation and should (excluding the Armed Forces) be cut by at least 50%.

For your last point, I can only repeat that you should do some in-depth reading (that goes further than the BNP Manual) on Muhammad and Islam before commenting further. Muhammad made mistakes, but he was definitely one of the good guys and there is no evidence at all that he was a kiddy fiddler. Child brides were common in those days, but the marriage wouldn't have been consummated until after the girl had reached puberty. Muhammad actually loved and valued women and gave them rights that they had never possessed before. For the record Aisha (the wife you referred to) loved her husband. This would hardly have been the case if he had consistantly abused her as a child - and for the record, I know two girls who were abused as children. When that kind of thing happens, you are fcuked up for life! However,I leave the last word to Rudyard Kipling:

He that hath a Gospel,
Whereby heaven is won
(Carpenter or cameleer
Or Maya's dreaming son),
Many swords shall pierce him,
Mingling blood with gall,
But His Own Disciple
Shall wound him worst of all!

No doubt Richard, child brides were quite common in Muhammad's day. But his day was 1300 years ago and we have moved on. We think that men and women are different but equal. We don't think that girls should be forced into marriage with old men and we don't think they should have their private parts carved up by an old woman with a razor blade. I could go on and on, but it just would cement my argument that Islam is a benighted ideology that has no place in 21st century Britain.

I would also say Lawrence, that I object to the conflation of the EU with NATO. NATO is a defensive alliance of independent countries that band together to come to the aid of each other if they are attacked. The EU is a coercive organisation full of people who don't want to belong to it. And there is no arrangement whereby they come to each other's aid in case of attack.

BOE, "It is a truth universally acknowledged" that some kind of saviour or prophet starts a religion, and inevitably over the years his followers completely fcuk it up. The most significant difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam had not had its reformation. It will happen, but we will long dead by the time the process is complete.

Lawrence, your correctly state that it was "leftist crap" that screwed us in the 70s. What definitely did NOT screw us then was our trading relationship with the Anglosphere. What definitely IS screwing now, us is our trading relationship with the EU. For illustration of this only the briefest look at the state of our agricultural and fishing industries is needed.

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