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Monday, 25 August 2014


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Well worth a look and I think most of us could with a bit of effort understand quite a lot of it - it is that clear. Nowadays the diligent student can easily search out the best lectures - plenty of blogs recommend who is good on this or that. Which raises the question - given we now have easy access to top class information and teachers why has humanity not advanced to some sunny intellectual nirvana rather than obsessing with tweets, chirrups and folk making the beast. I fear I know why.

And there is always Amazon - Quantum Physics for Dummies is less than £10!

I think, Roger, that we have advanced *towards* a "sunny intellectual nirvana", or at least, the very best brains have and meanwhile the rest of us 'great unwashed' struggle on behind them whilst enjoying some of the benefits.

Yes, indeed, BOE, I still have my original copy of "Philosophy made Simple" - it wasn't!

Sorry, Duff me old mate, but you have simply chosen the wrong sentence.

The only sentence which should survive is the one which goes:-

Big fleas have small fleas, which sit on their backs and bite 'em, small fleas have smaller fleas, and so infinitum!

Well, in the sense that we all live and enjoy certain 'comforts' as a result of swots doing what swots do, then I think we are in agreement. By the way, Mike, I'm glad you have commented because it gives me a chance to re-bookmark your site which was a victim of my recent computer crash. Good post on that black thug in Missouri and the sick-inducing hypocrisy of the political axe-grinders.

A great man indeed. I used a book of his lectures in my first-year Physics class at Uni (or, as we called it then, "General Natural Philosophy", no really, I kid you not). Wonderful explanations, wonderful diagrams, wonderful anecdotes!

My favourite Feynmanism, which I constantly quote to warmists, is:
"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong."

For some reason, warmists seem to think this doesn't apply to them.

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