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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


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Obviously Lorenz and Mandlebrot were never married for chaos seems to be the norm with brief periods of equilibrium.I preferred Mandlebrots fractals, sums up wedded bliss perfectly.

Hello, Peter and welcome to D&N. As it happens I have a framed picture sequence of Mandelbrot's fractals on the wall facing me as I type. They are beautiful and mysterious. I once directed Stoppard's Arcadia and chaos theory was one of the themes which meant that I had to attempt to understand the science - Big Fail but, dammit, I tried! The cast gave me the picture as a memento but whether from gratitude or relief that the production was all over, I do not know!

I have some Pork Vindaloo which my son, the chef, brought over yesterday as being surplus to his requirements.
I'll send it to you if you like.

Yuk! Er, I mean, thanks for the kind offer, Andra, but I loath Indian food. Tell your son to get a grip and send over a nice, plain pork loin with apple sauce on the side!

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