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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


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David, sorry to hear of your loss.

"In other words the power of supposedly neautral Federal authorities has been subverted to the domestic politics of the Democrat party"

Let's change a few names and bring it closer to home:

"In other words the power of the supposedly neutral civil service has been subverted to the domestic politics of the Scottish National Party"


Í'm off to the funeral of a dear friend too, today.
I hope it's not catching.

Thanks, Whitewall.

Hmmmn, I suspect you're right, Andrew! Who on earth would put their faith in that fat, glib-tongued chancer?

Quite so, Andra, you take care of yourself.

David, a nice offering you have here. Things are tense here with the fraud that Barack Obama is now seen to be. He was ushered into office with the help of an unquestioning MSM, the generations of white guilty whose sins could be cleansed on the soaring oratory of "an articulate" non threatening black man. Many of us knew better and like me, knew and know exactly who and what he was and is. He is the great hope of the radical Left who will grab every bit of power they can through him by "any means necessary". He has no interest in world events. His world is America and how much payback he and his junta can exact before they are stopped.

All the scandals you read about, especially the IRS abuse of power, are simply the means. Through these means, the mask has dropped from him, his party and most importantly, his ideology. You could say that finally he has "nailed his colours to the mast". It is instructive that when he and his party are caught, their immediate default position is criminality. Speaks volumes. Not all of his party are on board, but for now they are condemned by their silence. This will not go unpunished. It takes time under our system.

Why didn't people figure it out early? After all, Obama was only a product of the Chicago machine, Louis Farakhan's Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church, and radical elements of Ivy League academia.

Sorry to hear the news - lets hope the baked meats soften the blow even a little.

Not only did they target Republican groups and individuals, an IRS employee leaked details in 2012 of those who'd donated (tax-deductible) to a campaign against homosexual 'marriage'. One of them was Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla (of Firefox browser fame) and inventor of the programming language Javascript. He was forced to resign. No IRS employee has been convicted or disciplined for the leak.

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