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Thursday, 07 August 2014


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Well I got an apple from a food parcel sent by Canada to our school . I was about 14/15 or so.

I'll send you a food parcel.
Right now I can supply lots of bananas (from my very own trees!) and peanuts (I like peanuts and always keep a good stock).
I could probably throw in a bottle of lovely Aussie Chardy too.
There..... happy now?

Andra, send our dear Duff a case of Yellow Tail as well. This beverage is quite popular in our humble home. I dearly love peanuts myself.

David, sorry about the hurricane but the last Atlantic hurricane came ashore on our North Carolina coast. It delayed a fishing trip I had scheduled as the darn thing literally crossed the beach across from the boat docks. Also, a storm named Bertha is not one that can be reasoned with. Sorry.

Yellow Tail is not to be sneezed at. A good drop indeed.
I like 2 Ducks Pinot whatever it is .... funny, I thought there were 3 ducks ... I dunno what happened to the other one.
Probably duck soup by now.

Have a care, John, your age is showing!

Andra, I appreciate your generosity. Actually, I think I can just about remember the first banana I ever ate must have been circa 1945/6. But I do wish you Aussies would stop giving your wines silly names - one simply can't take them seriously!

A delayed fishing trip, Whitewall? The impertinence - but then, as you rightly suggest, 'Big Bertha' is not to be argued with.

When you are 79 years old and pushing eighty you lean to brandish your age like a weapon.
And Andra as I have lived in Australia since the sixties I can get what I want at the local Woolworths except proper rough cider and winkles.

Red Claw Pinot Gris. Now there is a good Aussie drop.

Fractures the head waiter at our local [and very good] Chinese restaurant when he repeats the order. He quietly called me an Aussie Plick one night and the ladies couldn't work out what the two of us found so funny.

Woolworths! Good grief, are they still going? And if it's rough 'zider, you do be lookin' for, then get back 'ere to Zomerzet', we're drowning in the stuff! Might even be able to manage a winkle or two down at the coast.

"Red Claw Pinot Gris". Presumably it sounds like something quite disgusting in Cantonese.

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