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Saturday, 09 August 2014


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Let them fight each other to oblivion. Cos while they're doing that, they're not fighting us. And we need to conserve our energies for our own fight ahead.


European Christendom ought to unite informally in a cooperative project of resistance to Islam, including barring Muslim immigration.

You will eventually want to help arm Spain and if not Turkey then the European states bordering Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, I suppose.

We in the colonies of the New World or elsewhere may help out, now and again, with some form of aid short of actual military participation in whatever adventures European Christendom finds necessary.

And I wish you all a happy Tenth or Eleventh Crusade - or whichever it is, depending on how one counts.


Alas, Philo, the words "military participation" and "European Christendom" no longer fit together. Our (dis)armed forces are at an all time low and we hardly have enough money to mount the guard at Buckingham Palace, the Germans (not unreasonably) do nothing in the military line for fear of being called rude names and the French only want to get back inside their old African colonies. So it's over to you, I'm afraid, but jolly good luck and all that sort of thing!

Perhaps the Norwegians?

Oh, well.

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