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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


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Committed as I am to looking for silver linings I was pleased to see the twerps in Gaza had dropped down the BBC's viewing list.

I wish everyone would just calm down and enjoy the summer weather. The various sorts of Arabs are just doing what they always do - killing each other and anyone within reach. Luckily we are well out of reach.

Exactly so, BOE!


You wore the kit in the second picture? :- )

Fascinating link, Hank, many thanks.

My first issue in 1974 was old olive 2nd War pattern including puttees and blanco for the brass. Rumour has it that QMs were punting the new disruptive pattern to Army Navy Stores!!!!

My Regiment was once visited by Her Maj and I was on the Guard of Honour at Aldershot station when she arrived. Apparently she was very surprised at the quietness of it all because we the first unit she had come across wearing rubber-soled boots instead of studded-boots. never let it be said that the British army lags behind the times!

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