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Saturday, 16 August 2014


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They issued a "strongly worded letter". I'll bet that will bring those HAMMAS lads to heel.

Wait till Bonki Moonbat throws a tanti. That'll really scare them.

As I understand it the Israel Gaza conflict came about because of 20th century interference by Western powers notably Britain and France. Apart from drawing arbitrary lines on maps and creating countries that did not reflect ethnic and tribal realities a new state was foisted upon the region displacing many who already lived there. This is something that we need to feel guilty about and the Arabs certainly have a right to play upon that guilt.

However that is now water under the bridge and there is nothing that short of changing borders and the elimination of Israel can reverse. Then that would be creating a modern day wrong to correct a past wrong and that would as we know not make a right. The answer of course is to find diplomatic solutions but that appears to be completely out of he question as sectarianism and political ideologies rules that out.

The West is therefore possessed with a dilemma who to support in all the myriad of conflicts now taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. The answer to that I believe is simple we support those factions that serve our best interest. It is not a matter of conscience as that way may well lead to consequences that may be very harmful to ourselves. That means supporting Israel with all our might and maintaining a policy of creating division, disunity and discord among the ranks of those who ahere to that pernicious religion Islam.

Ant that is a fair summary - but. When Israel was founded in 1948 the Arab population was told that if they stayed they would enjoy the same rights as other Israelis and those that stayed did and still do. They sit in the Knesset and in the Supreme Court.

Israel's neighbours told the Arab population that if they moved beyond the borders of the new country they could return on the coat tails of the victorious Arab armies that were going to wipe out the infant State. Damned Jews didn't just lie down and fixed that up and have been doing so repeatedly since.

The descendants of those who left in 1948 have no one to blame but their ancestors.

I endorse your last sentence whole heartedly.

Kol tuv

I don't think we should feel guilty about what happened after 1918. The Ottoman Empire collapsed and the Arabs and Turks set about each other doing what comes naturally to Moslems, especially Arabs. We just made the best of a bad job by creating states that might have secured peace and prosperity. Now, 90 years later it is all collapsing. If anyone should feel guilty about the current shambles it is the Arabs and the Americans. Not the British and French.

There were other arbitrary lines drawn, like the one through India, creating a new state, Pakistan. Muslims are happy about that one.

Yes, we should assist Israel. It is a little spot of democracy and enlightenment in a region that resists such things. Islam is a unique evil.

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