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Sunday, 17 August 2014


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Confront ISIS and it will only make them angrier. Sounds eerily similar to the warnings by some regarding the old USSR.

Are you wearing a big frilly hat?

'Dave attempts a Churchill' in his Sunday Telegraph op-ed does he? I won't bother reading it since I know it will be mere PR manure.

Anyway, wasn't it ISIS and their cohorts that Dave and little Billy Vague were all moist for a year ago when they wanted to get us involved in Syria to get rid of that nasty Mr. Assad?

Seriously, how can anyone take anything that Dave says at face value?

Raheem Kassam makes a few pithy comments over at Breitbart, which probably sums up Dave's piece quite well :

I suspect BOE at least, like me would mostly agree with what this Mr. Marc Lynch has to say.

Yes yes I know it's in the WP but - the paper does print Krauthammer.

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