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Sunday, 24 August 2014


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With regard to the lack of laughs David, I think that you have answered your own question. The phrase "terrific efforts" is probably the key.

When you play comedy, particularly stuff penned from the likes of Coward, YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT. If you do this, the exquisitely written lines will do all the work for you. However if you play it for laughs, no matter how much you try, it will come out as flat as a witches tit.

Perhaps the best example I know of comedy played straight is the sublime "Only Fools And Horses" beautifully observed and written by John Sullivan AND I must add, wonderfully cast and acted. I use clips from this regularly with my Russian students, and they never fail to raise a laugh.

If Dim Dave actually took the chance to talk to some of these proles AND to find out what their cares, concerns and worries were, instead of surrounding himself with old Etonians who have never had to survive in the real world...


Yes, "Only Fools And Horses" is a classic. As for 'Dim Dave', come on, Richard, at least give him E for Effort. Blair always sped of to the nearest zillionaire's palace. Anyway, somehow I suspect that on holiday the last thing the proles want to talk about is politics.

Elected Police Commissioners - Jeesus H Christ. [I can say that 'cause he was one of our boys]. What about the independent office of Constable long lauded in Common Law? You lot really have gone down the toilet.

Read Hannan's article and he explains it.

And what are you doing up and about at this time of the night?!

Duffers SWMBO is watching some girlie thingie and until that is finished I am up and about.

I shall read the article. Must confess to having limbered up the fingers before reading. I may have to be contrite afterwards - not repentant as that is a concept not acknowledged by my mob.

Well I have read it. You have gone down the toilet.

Police Commissioners. Of course, we had a system grounded in our history. The Watch Committee made up of elected councillors, magistrates and local worthies. If this wasn't working then it could have been modified. Evolution not revolution is the English way. It is all down to meddling. In the same way, we had licensing of pubs etc done by the local magistrates - now its done by the local councils the main streets are full of drunken oafs. The magistrates would have closed the pubs and bars down if they offended. Back to the past!!!!

Well David, I can imagine you properly costumed with your tie and the Mrs. as well. Having an immediate run in with poorly clad patrons must have been a let down for all of you.

As for comedy, and this one in particular which I'm not up on, timing is key and any extra effort to "act funny" may just over power the lines much like Richard has said. In my part of the country, actors are often hired from elsewhere to "act and talk Southern". It shows when they do as nuance is left out. All in all though it sounds as if your outing was a success.

From Dowd : "It is for us, the duffers, rather, to be dedicated here ..."

She must read your blog.

Yeah, isn't there a copyright problem over "duffers"? Sounds like MoDo has had it with her comrade in chief. She notes Bill Clinton is twice as popular? Simple solve---Barry needs to strap on an intern or two.

actors are often hired from elsewhere to "act and talk Southern"

Darling, look no further - and I am available! My performance as 'George' in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" won special plaudits from the critics who described my, er, American accent as wandering back and forth across the Atlantic like a migrating bird! But of course, for that I was attempting New England English. For you I would soon master 'Southern', after all, I have a voice-coach to hand - JK! - than whom, of course, they do not come more Southern!

Well "bless your heart" David! Consider the English talent it took to pull off one of the greatest films of all time- Gone with the Wind. You are surely in rare air! As for JK, it depends on how far up the mountain side he might be. There are many dialects in my part of the country--a buffet of butchery of the Queen's English.

Yes indeed, Ms. Leigh was superb in that great film.

And I have just remembered that I once played a huge role - on stage for an entire three-act play - in which I had to master a 'Noo Yawk' accent. That was 'Barney Cashman' in 'Last of the Red Hot Lovers' - yeeeees quite but I do the jokes round here! Happily, I'm a bit of a mimic so I just tried to copy Walther Matthau - and hit the consonants hard! About three months after that my hair started falling out - and I have always blamed that role - terrifying!

"There are many dialects in my part of the country--a buffet of butchery of the Queen's English."

"Most" Whitewall, in my immediate vicinity give some approximation of Y'all - those lls drawn out sorta fluid like. About thirty miles south of me (and thirty plus years [asept for the ol' folks) it was You'uns.

Seventy miles east and a hunnert miles south is Delta Ebonics. Ninety miles west is Democrats all over - I don't get over there often enough to call ready to hand what language they trade by.

Ten miles north is legal bought beer.

Obama is quantifiably more corrupt than Nixon. Whereas Nixon was accused of trying to weaponize the IRS, Obama did it. The more minor corruption of directing government money to his buds, Obama did prodigio0usly. The reason for conservative political thinking in
America is that more government is more opportunity for corruption. The government was smaller under Nixon, with no real thanks to him. However, because of this, he did less of the crony-nurturing.

But and however, using the IRS to dry up funding for ones opponents is not political corruption. It is Constitutional corruption. It violates the ground rules by which the game of politics is played.The only real justification for socialism is that, while we can't take our business to another government, we can, at least, vote the people out who displease us. When that avenue is sealed off, and by someone who is advocating for a bigger government, too, we have a very serious problem.


President Nixon seems to be having a come back of sorts.

Of course the problem is that Mr Oberweise cannot afford TV time to get the message out.

Thanks, Gentlemen, I had no idea that Nixon had used the IRS against the Dems - so that's where they learned how to do it!

I had no idea that Nixon had used the IRS against the Dems

Given what they have done to the country he probably would have done better with a GPMG.

JK, you were loitering in the Spam Box - again! What machine are you using to frighten poor Typepad with?

Waay'll "we" been gettin' some unusual probings of late - but I'm presently on my reg'lar machine. Lessee if this one takes.

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