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Sunday, 31 August 2014


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The banality of evil - an interesting read.

I see a reference in the Jerusalem Post that the UK is proposing a ban on the supply of arms to Israel. A failure to support Israel would fit right in with that theme of the banality of evil. Surely the Brit "gummint" would not abandon the only western style democratic nation in the Middle East fighting for its survival.

AussieD....can that be true? With the awareness at long last of the disease that PC has brought to Britain in dealing with Islamist ferment, this should be the last thing the government would do. Israel is the tip of the spear in the fight against radical Islam. Muslim rape gangs in British towns should focus the mind. Maybe London can just throw George Galloway at Hamas and call it even.


The Polar Bear Protective Association is going to sue you for defamation for those photos's. Think of the poor little cubs whose psyche will be damaged forever by those pictures.

Al Gore has been invaluable. Even the most die-hard greens must find him a tad embarrassing. As long as Al sticks to his guns, sanity may yet return.

That is why, Gentlemen, I refer to him as 'Dim Dave'!

Oh, Hank, what have I done? The only restitution I can think of is to throw Al Gore to them - after all, he reckons they're all extinct!

G'day Whitewall,
Don't know what the Brit "gummint" says about it but I find the Jerusalem Post pretty reliable when it comes to such matters.

AussieD...hello, I can't tell from here, but is Oz having similar troubles with Islamist types and the same PC/multi culti trash that Europe and North America are wallowing in? I hope not.

Some people may think that saying an area should be Israeli free actually means Jew free.

The BBC, NHS, Social Services, Police, Crown Prosecution Services, County and Borough Councils, in short, what remains of the British public sector, the "family silver", has a second serving in the same week of its institutionalized lying, abusive, criminal, corrupt nature: first Rotherham, now Aysha: -

When, oh when, will the British people wake up and ditch the welfare state and, to misquote Bob Geldof, "Give us back our fockin' money".


Lawrence, Britain will ditch the welfare state about when we on our side of the pond do it. Be prepared to ditch the "administrative state" as well. Then prepare yourself for masses of people in the street.

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