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Sunday, 03 August 2014


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"“I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger eating a chocolate egg. I said, I bet I know what your favourite Christian festival is. He said, You have to love Easter, baby.”

Explain, please.

It's not a toomore!

Dammit, Dom, you're 'over there', I'm 'over here' and I was expecting you to explain to me!

I wonder if, "I love Easter baby" = "hasta la vista, baby"?

David, for you to make good your offer to the lesbians, all you need is some of "those pills". If you have a low request day, the effects of the pills last long enough to keep you from rolling off the bed at night.

"toomore", Andra?

And I've never understood what that means, either, Dom.

Were I to take one of 'those pills', Whitewall, the 'Memsahib', to quote the Late Queen Victoria 'would bot be amused'!

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