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Friday, 15 August 2014


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G'day Duffers,

Remember us? The Dominions. You know the places like Australia, Canada and New Zealand where most of your meat, dairy produce and grain came from before your gummints decided the EU was just hunky dory.

Care factor in the Dominions now about the UK economy - just about s.f.a.

We are even treated as "foreigners" when we arrive to visit. A friend was asked at Immigration - "Why have you come to the UK?" When he replied, "I often ask myself that", the very non-Anglo Saxon official was not amused.

Shame you've gone down the toilet.

Still I wish you well in your endeavours to shed your commitment to the Fourth Reich.

"shame you've gone down the toilet"

Some toilet.

And that's with the EU - our biggest export market, blah, blah - on its tits.

If we ignore the lure of the ex-colonials (some lure), stay in the EU, and join the Euro (making sure the wily London bankers get us in with it far too weak for us), we'll be running the European show by the end of the decade.

Next stop, Moscow.


I agree with Aussie D.
You lot are rarely given a thought by us down under and are merely considered a spot of comic relief.
We have quite enough to think about with our homegrown political idiots, although most of them seem to have been born in the UK but managed to escape quite early.

I admire your confidence SoD however you are putting your trust in a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who see your sovereignty as irrelevant to their dictates.

Shades of a previous ideology.

Your economy had only one way to go as you had hit rock bottom so the "winning the global growth rate" situation is really irrelevant when looked at alongside high return economies already in a healthy state.

If you survive the chance of becoming part of the European Caliphate you may just get back to a healthy surplus.

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