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Friday, 15 August 2014


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David, your read on The Red Queen is pretty good. Clinton inc. never forgets anything. She has no positions, just continuous positioning. Maybe she gives an opening to that other female favorite- Princess Running Bare....or Running Empty. Whatever.

In politics image is everything. Warren has one big advantage over Clinton - she isn't an ugly old woman!

"she isn't an ugly old woman" -- Warren isn't? Elizabeth Warren? Those high Cherokee cheek bones look pretty ugly to me.

I thought Warren was a Comanche!

Well, she's neither, except that, in the South, nearly everyone is part Cherokee or Choctaw. They were farmers, enthusiastically adopted the plow and mules brought in by English settlers and intermarried all the time. I'm fairly typical, having lost count of the number of Indian ancestors I have.

Comanche? Nah. The Comanche were in the Midwest, and, when they discovered the horse, became a real threat to Spain in Mexico. That was why the Spanish and later the Mexicans encouraged Scots-Irish settlers from the upland South to immigrate. We fought the Indians, and usually won.Being part Cherokee or whatever, did not make us any friendlier to the Comanche. They were some rough customers. Spanish maps of Texas in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries just labeled Texas "Comancheria." Warren claimed that her family had been deported to Oklahoma from western Georgia on the "Trail of Tears." Actually, her only connection was a mulit-greats grandfather who was a sheriff, who helped round people up to send them west. BTW, the President at that time was that great democrat, Andrew Jackson, who gave the developed farms, taken from the Indians, to his cronies. Texas was an independent Republic in 1837, when all this disgrace took place. President (of Texas) Sam Houston was one of many who vehemently opposed the Indian Removals, and the controversy probably delayed admission of Texas to the Union by several years.

And, BoE, if you were being facetious, please accept my humble apologies for literalizing your humour.

Michael, true about the widespread Cherokee. The HQ of the Eastern Band is about 4 hours south west of me. My mother-in-law's family settled land near there in the 1830s that had been nearly emptied of Cherokee by Andrew Jackson. North west Georgia is literally in walking distance of their homesteads.

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