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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


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"For a start, surely this man is deserving of the Congressional Medal of Honour."

It was Bill Clinton. When told about this, Hillary said "the dog was asking for it"

Good grief. Now we at least know why those ISIS clowns keep their faces covered. I guess a pit bull will have to do since there were no sheep at hand? What's next, cats? Well maybe that would put the invader on the right track.

Good to have you back on the blogdom.

That made me laugh, Dom!

They would find a Pit-bull easier than most of the cats I've ever owned, Whitewall, vicious damn things they are!

That bloody Egyptian love goddess is definately getting a bit frisky these days.

Steady gents.

David I am surprised that you didn't assign the gardening duties to house hold staff. I know you have mastered indoor chores but it seems adding outdoors might be too much.

Uh ... David?

You reckon them ISIS fellers've made it from Connecticut down to the vicinity of Louisville?

And if so, what 'cha reckon Mitch McConnell will have to say about it?

Kevin, is that the one that is half-dog/half woman? Don't fancy your end!

There is nothing that a man of my fine qualities cannot undertake, 'Whiters', provided I have plenty of time to think about it, you know, like days or better still weeks!

Good Grief, JK, where do you find these stories?

David, in rural parts of Arkansas, there is a dire shortage of professionals of all kinds. As a result, one office might contain a hair stylist, gynecologist and a proctologist. In a few cases, one person may fill all three positions. You can imagine the waiting room stories as well as the various magazines patrons see while waiting. Hence links like the above.

Bad thing 'bout all them offices being in the same place is, they keeps so many waaay out of date magazines.

Still, North Carolina does have it's peculiars too.

Oh. As I'm aware David you, being interested in our politics in general, Arkansas more specifically.

Crittenden and Conway dueled on October 29, 1827, near the confluence of the White and Mississippi rivers in present-day east-central Arkansas, as Conway had already started a trip to Washington DC and it was an out-of-the-way location.

That duel in particular:

And "just for the thrill of it" dueling:

But, Whitewall, if that's where JK finds these stories then which one was he visiting - the hair stylist, the gynaecologist or the proctologist?

JK, at least the dog in this instance was "a shepherd-Lab mix" which shows a degree of refinement! I will read your historical yarns tomorrow but if Pryor and Cotton go to it in similar style feel free to ring me - I wouldn't miss it for the world!

JK was not supposed to tell that about North Carolina. I picture JK as having a full head of wavy gray hair so his choice of professional is clear.

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