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Thursday, 13 November 2014


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"When and how - and why - do merely mechanical processes somehow convert into ideas?"

Well ideas certainly convert into mechanical processes - such as writing this comment!

that's what you think.

If matter can neither be created or destroyed [as taught eons ago when I was but a little fellow] the big bang theory is in serious trouble as it required the creation of matter in my rather limited understanding.

I am of course prepared to listen to other theories with rapt attention.

Interestingly just before I read this I was reading someone attempting to explain the current answer:

This comes down to time and space are the same thing so to ask what happened before time is like asking what is North of the North pole*.


* That's my take (though not my quote) it's worth reading the article, I'll probably ask for the book it's from for Christmas

Mort, exactly so and the reverse of the problem is equally interesting and mysterious. Welcome to D&N, by the way.

Very witty, Malpas!

Well, one of the other theories, AussieD, is that our 'earlier universe' (yeeeees, quite!) eventually ran out of energy and after collapsing into itself such that the compression of matter was huge beyond comprehension, it finally blew and that was our Big Bang. In other words, our wonderful universe is just recycled old crap!

Thanks, Ben, and good to hear from you again. That was an excellent extract from what looks like an equally excellent book - even if I just know it's going to make my head ache!

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