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Friday, 07 November 2014


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Illinois is the "Argentina" of the USA. To win that "job" is to say to the voters "gee thanks".

Not much difference looks to me as any, Chamber of Commerce Establishment Republican.

Can't expect much til Our Man Cotton takes the Oval!

Eh David?

Recall me advising you to locate your long-handled underdrawers and shake the spiders out before Remembrance Day? (Veteran's Day for us here in the US.)

Well ... if you haven't already I'd further suggest you ought now get a move-on!

Do you mean all that coloured crap is coming our way, JK? I thought I told you and Barney to do whatever it takes to shift it south so that the Frogs get it!

I spent eight weeks on a course in Illinois back in the '80s. Different to the other places I went in the US. Sort of like a cold version of Callieforniay.

You always got the impression that Al Capone was just a poor misunderstood "yoof".

Well David.

Barney'd had to decide priorities ... and since you'd outright admitted you was "suffering Global Warming" on Wednesday the 29th, and coupling David with your post of just a few days ago, Also, 'you do it, too, America'! ... well as I said, Barney had to've, must've had to Prioritize!

So. What to do?

Leave David "suffering" in England or, open a hole over Australia's Victoria shifting some little "Conservative-Leaning Breathing Air" up to the northern hemisphere at just the Right-Time to do a "Correction"?

Couldn't allow [of course] David to, as he said he'd been, suffering ... and what possibly could Australia (especially Victoria) do - if the denizens even noticed, which apparently the denizens did but, rather than a nuke all they did was take to Social Media so what the fuck?

Besides David, I can't see why you'd be complaining this time of year with 12° or so today 'cause as I'd plainly said at D&N's timestamp, Friday, 31 October 2014 at 11:55 (which incidentally was the 30th my timezone)

"I've noticed David, it seems you receive, usually between nine and eleven days after we in Arkansas send it off in Somerset's direction - our recent weather.

Might want to get the longjohns out of storage David!"

So it got there a day early - of course I understand the relative minor spider-bite to the scrotum in comparison to the Life-threatening Man-Flu ... as if Andra's comparing "carpet-burn" to a spider-bite to Man-Flu ...

Now where was I ... ?

Oh yeah. Yes David. That "coloured crap" is headed your way!

We should get you 'over here', JK, as a weather man on the BBC. Nobody would understand a word but we'd all enjoy it.


The most positive thing about Governor elect Rauner is that he is not outgoing Governor Quinn.

Quinn became governor when Blogovitch went to jail since he was the lieutenant governor. Quinn was a very popular politician, something of a gadfly always supporting the weirdest propositions, a committed leftest, and very suspect competence. But he was popular, the lieutenant governor(like the vice president) has virtually no power or responsibility's unless the governor leaves office. A cheap way to help get some votes. Then Bloggo got caught. The original estimate of Quin's abilities has been confirmed daily since then.

Rauner, won the primary, against several good candidates who canceled each other out. It is hoped that he can at least run the day to day affairs of the state and make a major impact on the virtual bankruptcy of the state. At best he will do next to nothing on any other issues.

One hopes.

But, Hank, according to Kelly's report Rauner is hand-in-glove with several of Blogovitch's 'lootenants'. As seen from this distance there doesn't seem to be the slightest difference between Democrat and Republican in Illinois/Chicago so why anyone bothers to vote beats me!

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