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Tuesday, 02 December 2014


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"I really don't know what is going to happen to my country in the first half of this century."

I do - it will carry on ignoring bloggers. This tragic fault in our national psyche is on a par with ignoring the Delphic oracle. Nothing good will come of it. We must shout louder or all is lost.

Off-Topic But Necessary!

"Some few of us" D&N Readers receive funnies via Email.

An oil-company exec advises My Name appeared on the subject line of both, email And Text! (Maybe the latter but, just to be sure ...)

So, until further notice - if anything arrives in email without, as I sign here, preceding (and until I can be sure the origin) anything else in the Subject-line, will be, JK. (the initials including the tell-tale punctuation) exercise caution.

"Replies" included.

That time o'Year I reckon. Consider JK sent an early Christmas gift.

I reckon Fat Boy Kim's after you, JK, as well as Sony! Have you been saying rude things about the heaven on earth that is North Korea? If so 'you are a very naughty boy!'

"Ignoring bloggers", Uncle Mort, I ... I ... errrrrr . . . (Collapse of stout party!)

S'possible David ... but I'd figured having Dennis Rodman in my Contact List shoulda insulated me somewhat.

Mind, I don't Know the account you're familiar with was also affected - many accounts and, ... mind I'm not saying I separate the 'HighLifes' from such as yourself ... well, you know what I mean.

Does appear limited to email though. "Texts" you understand are necessarily very brief, on such a civilian old-school phone as I carry. About my person at any rate. The 'Sat-Com' is a bit bulky. Still, if there's not that JK. ... it may well be The Fat Eun.

I've yet to hear from Sony though.

I'm "reasonably sure" the problem is fixed - leastwise at my desk. There may be emails in the pipeline folk've yet to get to - exercise appropriate Internet cautions.

And yeah I know - don't simply because "it's convenient" - use the same interface to "talk shop" then, read inconsequentials. Which is which?

Ain't saying.

But I am returned to sitting amongst a bank of the things. Only downside noticed so far - can't play Solitaire at work. Sure hope there's nothing to that EMF hypothesizing.

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