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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


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Does the mention of Mrs. Thatcher's name still cause the British Left to foam at the mouth and wet themselves, or have they been relegated to perpetual self colonoscopy?

Back then the British had a mind of their own and could speak it.
Now you all is humble followers of the party line - or else!
And you are not legally etc allowed to say anything much.
Such of you thet are native to the land.

"perpetual self colonoscopy" - an image to conjure with!

Did you compose that last line,John, or are you quoting - if so, from where? Jest askin'!

'Morning Duffers, Whitewall, Andra et al.

It is really no surprise that "Soccer" fans riot - no matter what the nationality. The game is so bloody boring one could be excused for believing it was meant to boor you to snores.

It really should be consigned to "the yarts" given the number of actors taking part.

Happy New Year [just 12 hours away] to all

Slightly off topic but are you keeping an eye on Sweden? The results of their recent general election produced 40% left and 40% right and 20% anti-immigration party. So, neither left or right could form a government unless they enlisted the support of the anti-immigration party, which they wouldn't do. So they have formed a coalition. Perhaps that is our future after a few weeks of wrangling next May! YMD as Prime Minister and Ed taking over Cloggies job. What joy! And Mr Farage as the leader of Her Majesty's opposition!

Yes, another National Govt. just like the '30s' with Ed as Ramsay McDonald. We'll be told we're all in it together and must work like hell to dig the country out of the mess the pols got it in. Heard it all before somewhere.
(You'll remember the National Government, Duffy?)

Thanks, fellas, now I have a headache!

Take the advice of an older man. Put more water in it!

Headache? Buy yourself a bottle of Greek aspirin.

AussieD, with the new year falling on you first, please handle it with care and then rinse it off properly for the rest of us to mismanage ourselves. Happy New Year to you.

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