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Thursday, 04 December 2014


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Just wait until this pile of debt based on fiat currency starts to unwind...the entire world will know it. When pols can get their mitts on lots of money at nearly zero percent interest, they will do it as there are no repercussions at the time. A monthly debt service amount at near zero is one thing, but zero won't last.

As there is no way we can pay off £4 trillion this side of the end of time, perhaps we should just relax. Spend lots of money having a good time and just forget about it. If you are worried about your children and grandchildren, my experience with family history is that once you are about 3 generations back in time, you just sort of fade away and they've never heard of you.

"once you are about 3 generations back in time, you just sort of fade away"

How true BoE. I have photos of great grandparents and even of the generation before and their stories are interesting. My grandchildren however have no connection with them other than they like the funny old photos of great great great grandad in uniform going off to shoot a few natives [spread civilization and make a quid more like it] which, according to some, was a terrible thing to do.

The next "Dark Ages", and one will surely come, won't be a fun place.

If every country is billions/trillions in debt, WHO are they borrowing FROM?

The U.s, with their 18 trillion, goes cap in hand to the U.K, with their 4 trillion, who then borrow money from.... France (say) with THEIR couple of billion debt. Britain then "lends" this to the U.S, and France borrows a couple of billion from Greece, who got it from Germany, who borrowed it from the U.S.

Just write it ALL off, and start from 0.

Well, Angry German, accumulation of debt is like everything else these days - happening faster and faster. So if we reset everyone to zero, then by tomorrow lunchtime they'd have borrowed as much again. First we have to think of a way of stopping "them" borrowing. So far, I haven't come up with any ideas on that.

A firing squad, perhaps, BOE!

I'll not be correcting Anything for some days (maybe as long as a week David, Enjoy as you can) My ... well not daring to go into "tech-speak" I'll simply say my "accustomed machine" has had The Ultimate Computer Nervous Breakdown - as likely I will typing on this "elf-sized keyboard laptop thingie ... with a sharpened pencil as my fingers can't press but the key I desire but at least 4 surrounding keys as well.

If you happen to get a call from that nice Mr. Gates, might be best David, tell him not to be calling Arkansas wishing "Merry Christmas" to any Hillbilly friends until Christmas next! Weather's not the only Foul Thing here.

Email will not be read - until "maybe" this time next week.

OK, good luck, JK, and I will keep you off the e-mail list until I hear you are up and running. (Why not get Barney to send one or three of his, er, 'consultants' round to see that Bill Gates!)

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