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Friday, 26 December 2014


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I never liked him - a rich dilettante playing the politics of easy popularity. I’m not sure if he was particularly dim, but those who voted for him certainly were.

(Hillary) Benn strongly resembles his father, Tony Benn, in his speaking style and delivery, but is a political centrist and was a New Labour loyalist. It is in this vein that he famously describes himself as "a Benn, but not a Bennite".[13] Like his father, he is a teetotaller and a vegetarian
Never trust a teetotaller and vegetarian. Their minds don't work properly.
Actually my father said that to me about physicists (he was one, and I was dating one). But I do believe that holds true for the "T&V" crowd as well.

"An unnecessary simpleton."

Love it! But aren't they all?

Missred is totally correct about never trusting teetotallers and/or vegetarians .....and if they are religious with like hell!

Tony Benn was a Battle of Britain pilot; I remember him saying Douglas Bader was his wingman. Then there was the Bumdusters raid and didn't he sink the Bismark?

Fancy calling your son Hillary ffs. Have they no shame? Bet he learnt to fight really early.

He ran off and told the teacher!

"Bolshies and ropes" you're talking.

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