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Saturday, 27 December 2014


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An England for England...has a nice ring to it. Can you imagine the Scots, Irish and maybe others having to swallow hard and...dare I say....get along on their own? The ripples would cross the Pond. Leaving the UN-SC would be liberating.

"Before I begin I had better apologise to Her Maj who is, of course, a regular reader of these distinguished columns"

One is neither a reader nor amused.

David, you had better hide.

I grovel, Ma'am, I grovel . . .

(Any spare beds over at your place, Whiters?)

David, one is available. The room is secure with a sturdy lock on the door.

I'll be on the next 'plane!

And just think of the employment opportunities. Hadrian's Wall will have to be rebuilt to keep out the Picts and Scots as will all the Marcher Castles to control the Taffies. Cornwall won't be difficult to wall off [they are Celts after all]. The Irish are easy as there is all that water to keep them at bay. A bloody great plug in the Chunnel and you are on your own again. While you are downsizing [bloody awful word] we will take Elizabeth R along with Will and Kate and offspring [you can keep Charlie the Twit] as we are more and more wanting to remain a Constitutional Monarchy.

It's a win/win situation all round Duffers.

Ahh, AussieD, the Marcher Castles no less!? I'm currently reading an Ellis Peters book about that part of England- her homeland it seems. Many nice photos in the book and some of those castles are "a bit run down". Before daylight, we may just have England "very well, alone then".

G'day Whitewall,

Trust all is well with you and yours.

I rather like Ellis P's writing. SWMBO and I are planning on inspecting some of those castles in '15. Any found defective we will report to Duffers so he can have repair notices issued.

Hey, people, keep it nice if you would.

I have been waiting patiently for some years now for the nod and/or wink regarding my damedom and I fancy 2015 could be my year, considering my saintly particularly behaviour for the past year or so.

And so, I would ask you riff and raff to keep a low profile for the next month......Queen's birthday honours at the end of January, if you don't mind.

Duff, I am keeping an eye on you in particular .............. please keep yourself under control!!

I have no control at all over JK but I'm hoping they won't notice him, being of the Arkie persuasion.

Anyway, they won't have the faintest idea of how to translate JK speak. I rarely know what the hell is happening in Arkansas, in spite of reading the Arkansas Times from cover to cover.

The best thing to do, or the least worst, would be to reverse Blair's cunning plan. Just dissolve the devolved assemblies and return to the pre-1997 status. YMD could give the Scots a huge bribe from the money saved.

'Dame Andra' - yeeees, that has a nice tone to it - I must practice my curtsy!

Verges on sedition, I'd say.

No, no, not sedition, Oswald, reality!

AussieD...we are well. It looks like there might be resistance to England separating itself. Might take another 24 hours.

Soon scotch all these plans. The EU coulod turn London into some version of Hong Kong. The rest of England/UK would then be a parking l;ot of assorted EU workers.

Better hope the Falklands doesn't light up again. I read on a Russian website that they are selling bombers to Argentina.

Well, Pops, the only good news is that I don't think the Argies have got the money to fill the fuel tanks. Mind you, if it ever does kick off again down there then the Falklanders are on their own because the best we could do is to employ some of those useless admirals to row a boat down there!

Can I point out that it's the "RED" Scousers who do the wall pushing over. Don't go tarring the Blue supporters with the same brush!

Quite so, Kevin, and so long as they don't nick each other's shirts I shall know the difference!

Touche David :)

Appears the Argies getting the Sukhoi 24s required getting prospective pilots too.

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