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Friday, 05 December 2014


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I didn't know about this. Right here in my own yard. It reminded me of a tale told by Jesse Jackson some years back when he was walking a Washington, DC sidewalk to his car or hotel or where ever and noticed he was being followed by a couple of men. DC at that time was a murder Mecca. He cut across the street and looked back only to see they were white. He admitted that he was relieved.

Yes, indeed, and one wonders why Ruenzel and not Jackson?

"I didn't know about this. Right here in my own yard."

JK, I read about the "hammer" attack, but not the news about the attack our host linked to here. Joe Scarborough's finally tellin' it like it is was worth watching just to see the pouting pretty face of Mika Brezhenski. A liberal who is being bitch slapped by the truth and can't do a thing about it is delicious.

(Figured Whitewall you had, just at the moment I'm "operating" under unusual circumstances. My, er, "memory" isn't what it usually is ... available resources and other stuff. An' Barney's off the reservation which makes the situation all the more

JK, be careful

One day -how will you convince Asia that 'racism' is awful. Particularly how will the Chinese regard this notion.

Remember when all those white folks rioted and tore up the town when OJ Simpson was acquitted?

No, me neither.


As an American and a conservative, I along with others are waiting and waiting...for something..oh yes, our turn to riot at long last.

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