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Tuesday, 09 December 2014


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"Whether or not the hostages are actually rescued is of very low priority." Occasionally incidental except to say any presence makes for reasonable pretense (distraction) for the home audience.

Bearing in mind - always - the theater of operation[s]. Yemen over the past several months, a year or so where one concern matters. The Houthi (Shia) have been knock knock knocking on Sa'ana's door indeed the whole quad of the place across the Gulf of Aden from Dijbouti/Somalia - pressuring AQAP (Sunni) quite apart from whatever any of "us" might do.

However, with the march of the Houthi in mind "the usual suspects' arms are tied" where previous the Saudi might have inserted SO south into the place, the presence of Shia in the capital makes the "normal state of the expected" kinda twitchy.

IF as I have recently opined certain parties are cooperating in setting the costs - note, not "setting the prices" - The Great Game for the Arab actors [the western amateur actors especially] goes on. Except that where it was all co-Religionists against their own, ... well now there's a complication. What's required for the amateurs to utter their lines (the Pols at any rate) is the ostensible purpose!

Sometimes hostages play the part of convenience. Tragic in some senses of course but in theater, all parts must be cast before the curtain may rise.

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