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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


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What the Americans need to do is to abandon the idea that they have been elected Sheriff of the whole world. Once they get rid of the idea that they are appointed by God to sort the rest of us out, they will be much happier. They won't be torturing assorted Arabs or killing other country's citizens with "drone strikes". They can all stay at home and burn bits of their country in peace.

How was Osama bin Laden tracked down I wonder? I seem to remember that President Humbug was keen to bask in the glow of that achievement and wasn't at all fussy about how he was finally dealt with.

This was a partisan report written by Left wing staffers for Democrats only. No Republicans came anywhere near this deliberate hatchet job. Last time we got a Democrat only product from the Senate, it came with the name Obamacare. Democrats had their Marxist arses handed to them in last month's elections and as is typical of their sorry red breed, they get huffed up and retreat by spiteful vandalism. Democrats have gone back to the late 1970s and the Senator Church findings on the CIA. Our intelligence efforts never recovered fully and 9-11 was the result.

Do you think that killing these four is murder? : -

Is an enemy soldier different just because he's got a Western passport?


What I find amusing is that the mess the CIA is in, is largely their own fault. Once they had finished extracting any useful intelligence they should have put a bullet in the back of their heads (the terrorists not the CIA) and dumped their bodies in a hole somewhere. Wrapped in bacon.

Lawrence, good point. If he takes up arms-uniform or no-then he is a traitor and fair game.

Hey there Uncle, eh Mort is it?

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