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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


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Eric is an interesting sort of man. He and I share similar views and when it come to RINOs, we hate 'em. In a fight, I don't want a RINO behind me all the way. I want him just in front of me where I can see him. Otherwise, a RINOs only purpose is to shoot the wounded after a fight.

Some principles are too important to leave in such beta male hands as the RINOs.

Quite so, Whitewall, but what I find interesting about Erickson is that he belies the 'good ol' Southern boy' image. He seems to have a well-thought out ideology which is maturing sensibly with age and experience.

"Also, before I begin, let me admit that until yesterday I had never heard of Mr. Erickson either!"

Uhm ... David?

You recall sending me an email early this year as Mister Cotton was gearing up, asking me for some sources so you could "follow-along by yourself" [not pestering me]?

I sent you six. The fourth on the list? RedState.

Well the first two were probably 'Arkansas News TV' and 'Arkansas Blog' which I dutifully bookmarked and which were totally useless - in fact one of them was a Dem party mouthpiece! That's probably why I failed to get further down your list. Anyway, JK, it is obvious that Mr. Erickson and I were made for each other and so it was only a matter of time before we met, so to speak.

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