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Sunday, 14 December 2014


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An insight into part of it:

Your bland tolerance of extreme suffering deliberatly inflicted with come back to bite you. Soon the police and then criminals will also say it is no big thing. And they are doing what must be done.
No morals no hope.

One can't help wondering, Whitewall, if it would be an entirely bad thing to lynch Al Sharpton? Jest askin'?

First of all, John, it is mostly not "extreme suffering". To achieve that you need things like welding torches, pliers, bench vices and the like! That's "extreme suffering". What has been described so far as EIT is harsh treatment from which, with two exceptions, the, er, 'victims' emerge hale and hearty and fall into the arms of their no doubt grateful lawyers!

Criminals already indulge themselves with both "extreme suffering" and 'harsh treatment' which they dish out to their victims, you know, like that 20-stone yob who stole from a shop and hurled the little Asian guy into his shelving units and was, quite rightly and lawfully, shot dead by a policeman doing his duty.

Pulleeze, you're being taken for mugs. All that pseudo raving about the Torture Report is a cover for the new amendments to US surveillance powers being slipped through on the QT. Dear old Rifkind making a show of not knowing what the reports say - are we fooled?

To the main topic. I will go along with banning abortion on one condition - that the antis all identify themselves and commit irrevocably to fund those who would otherwise go for abortion. This means funding birth, child rearing, middle class lifestyle, ski trips, driving lessons etc etc. Not some measly state charity, no, what you would want for your kids - paid in full and at no cost to me. If the antis are not prepared to do this then I say please be silent or wear the hypocrite lable.

Sorry, Roger, this is an early morning for me but but I can't follow the logic of your last paragraph.

Perfectly clear, if you don't want abortions you pay to bring up the resulting children - in full.

You're not serious, are you?

In a civilised country abortion would be legal subject to various caveats. As it is now. But there should be serious effort to reduce the numbers aborted. Instead the effort is concentrated on making it easier. Hence a steady rise in the numbers aborted.

Roger, does that work in other arguments? If you oppose capital punishment, can I tell you to pay for the life of all prisoners who would otherwise have been executed? All their food, laundry, cleaning services, etc?

The reason why some of us find abortion repulsive is because couples -- both men and women -- do not accept responsibility for their own behavior, not even buying cheap and available contraceptives. Your idea makes things worse.

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