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Friday, 19 December 2014


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Nah, press the reset button on Russia again, and let the Russian people do a regime change. Until they get a democracy that puts rules, and particularly the rule of law, above the executive, they're of no use to man or beast.

It might take a while and a fare few resets. I mean the French, for example, which republic are they on now? Is it, 5, or 6, I can't remember - even this one looks like it might need reconstituting at any moment.

The Russkies are only on 2 since the Czars, so a way to go yet. Help 'em on their way,


I believe Lawrence may be on the right track. I don't think with a power mad autocrat like Vlad in the driver's seat, there is zero chance for an olive branch of help. The people have to be hurt badly before they will force a change in Moscow.

Our respective leaders crowing about the sanctions working is the same level as the sun rising because the rooster crows.

Get 'real', 'SoD', and you, 'Whiters', as in 'real-politik'! It is not our business to help the Russians have this or that society. That sort of mind set has been the cause of huge American errors since Vietnam and we, being the poodles we are, have usually trotted along obediently after them straight into the quagmire. Let countries sort out their own affairs but in the meanwhile, given the *potential* strength that Russia possesses let's keep them on-side as much as we can and as far *away* from the Chinese as possible!

Well we pressed the reset button on the Russkies once before in 1989 and it turned out alright from a Realpolitik point of view for us - we got Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, et al.

Why wouldn't it work again?


Not quite, I think. It was merely the implosion from internal pressures of the old Soviet empire which even Moscow realised was unsustainable.

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