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Thursday, 11 December 2014


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David, quite an offering here. The French along with some of the Meds...all of them so broke they can't pay attention. What a world. Maybe such a possibility would drive Germany closer to Russia? When you see Brussels issuing currency with one side blank, it will be time to move all Brits well back from the shoreline.

Timing is everything.

If the EU collapses before Putin, he invades to deflect attention from domestic strife, and we all go to war in the time honoured fashion.

If Putin goes under first, then a fraternal relationship between the EU and Russia under Putin's successor might well follow until the EU collapses. Then we all go to war with each other in the time honoured fashion, until we try again with a better treaty / constitution.

Repeat for another 2,500 years?


"If it begins before next May then 'Dave' and the Tories will be a shoo-in!"

Just like in May 2010!

Duff -

I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time. I hope your readership is increasing. Your observations are spot on and delivered with great wit. I hope there are still a lot of folks like you left in the UK.

Consider this a pat on the back. Come back and read this the next time you are having a bad day.

Keep up the superb work.

Never, never quit!


It's being so cheerful, Lawrence, that keeps you so young!

Pops, you are obviously a man of considerable taste and discernment, very rare amongst the collection of ingrates, grumps, nit-pickers and alcoholics who usually frequent these distinguished columns!

BOE, maybe so but that's better than Miliband, Balls and McNasty!

"collection of ingrates, grumps, nit-pickers and alcoholics"

Speaking as one of the above, I dispute your opinion that Milipede etc would be worst than YMD. They would be just the same!

No, no, BOE, I have it from impeccable sources that you are not "one of the above" - but all of them!

Thank you!

Unfortunately as history shows, the usual outcome of break ups of empire is violent realignment not peaceful, orderly cooperative ones, because fingers must be pointed, blame laid, advantage taken and, above all, the domestic mob kept in check by fight against an external enemy so they do not fall on the internal and true enemy, the Government and its ruling clique who got them into the mess in the first place.

So once again we can offer up a prayer of gratitude to who, or what, gave us an island to live on.

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