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Thursday, 25 December 2014


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Something a little off abouts yer "expert" David.

The short for 'Richard' is 'Dick.'

Doctor Dick A Feely?

I once came across an American gentleman with the rather extraordinary (I thought) name of Franklyn B.A. Fysh.
I liked it so much I named the person who took my phone messages Franklyn. So, people could call me and talk to Franklyn. He did his job for damned near 20 years and then a few months ago he just left, disappeared.
Never said a word! I don't know if he was unhappy with his working conditions or died or left to get married.
Ungrateful bastard!
The American bloke who takes my messages now is known as anon.

JK, you are obviously a textual analyst of the first order. Have you considered answering Andra's 'phone messages? There is a vacancy, I gather, and of course she could count on your discretion, none of it would be leaked to D&N, er, would it?

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