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Tuesday, 09 December 2014


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It seems the definition of torture has changed since I was pulling finger nails out in the dungeons under thr MOD Main Building!

For different reasons, I looked up the Nazi mass-murderer Franz Stengl in Wiki, and found that at the end of his imprisonment he seems to have accepted a kind of guilt.

"So yes," he said finally, very quietly, "in reality I share the guilt. . . . Because my guilt . . . my guilt . . . only now in these talks . . . now that I have talked about it all for the first time. . . ." He stopped.

Above you have a picture of an Islamist mass-murderer. Do you think he will repent 9/11, or Bali, or all the rest of it? No. He has the Koran, the holy Koran, on his lap.

It seems that the report was written by the democrats on this committee; no input from the republicans and they didn't interview any CIA people. I guess the CIA and the democrats deserve each other.

I assume, BOE, that they were civil servants - so all is forgiven.

Exactly so, Dom.

I note, from reading her Wiki bio, that the lady {?} has never had a real job. A lifetime of sponging on the Californian and US taxpayers. I am working on the premise that California is not part of the US [according to an East Coast friend] :-)

It's not even part of the planet from what I hear!

Keep in mind, also, that what has been released is an "Executive Summery." The Left does this frequently, write a "summary" that says the opposite of what the full report will say. The "summery" is remembered and the full report ignored. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Michael's observation is of extreme import.

For all that is [publicly] related to date:

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