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Monday, 01 December 2014


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AEP has a good article. Those independent shale oil operators are a tough bunch and know how to cover their bases. If a few are too highly leveraged, then those will fall, but still others will step in. I'm waiting for all these ISIS boys, who would otherwise hate each other, to start killing their competition within the membership. Arab Islam is dysfunctional for good reasons. Cheap oil and dead Arabs....almost sounds as good as dead Marxists.

The irony is that Obama has opposed fracking on state owned landed. So this reversal of American fortunes is in spite of his actions.

And Vlad's pips are truly squeaking, into the bargain: -

The Saudis seem to be doing the job for us: Ensuring the Islamic world turns in on itself in a self-consuming war (while inviting all our Islamist nutters to vacate Blighty and get themselves killed in the Levant), and levelling the clever strategist and darling of Ukip, Mr Putin.

Napoleon, if I remember rightly: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake".


Another excellent article from 'A E-P', thanks Lawrence, and I urge everyone to read it. My main worry is what sort of a regime would take over if Putin & Co are overthrown?!

Being a confirmed pessimist I am starting to lose faith in myself. I have watched one crisis after another since the 2008 and everyone has had me believing with glee that Armageddon was just over the horizon and the world order would collapse and destroy socialism and right wing libertarianism would emerge. But no. Certainly there has been set backs but instead of socialism collapsing it is growing ever stronger and life goes on becoming ever more authoritarian and socially and economically unsound.

Now we have a crisis of low oil prices (certainly high oil prices lead to recession but the world recovered). Is this the one that will achieve my aspirations? Probably not. One day of course Armageddon will happen and the world will no longer have leaders of the ilk of Obama, Dim Dave, Kirchner, Maduro, Putin the list is long. Instead they will be of the calibre of Reagan and Thatcher and that would make the world a much nicer place to live in.

"My main worry is what sort of a regime would take over if Putin & Co are overthrown?!"

What?! Haven't you listened to a word I've been saying?! The EU, of course!

Europe united after 2500 years of conflict, a free market and freedom of movement from Dublin to Moscow, a European army with the Scum of the Earth, Grognards, and the Heer united, standing with our offspring America ready for the final showdown with the Chinese; and I though it was only in my dreams ...


... and I never thought I'd have to thank the camel shaggers for it.


Might bookmark Lawrence aka SoD, my many & sundry acquaintances "in the patch" don't seem (yet) much overwrought. True there's some number of those more "in the markets" kinda twitchy but they have a tendency to go with the flow rather than, create/develop the flow.


Oh dear it's happened again!

'What's that you say JK, whaddaya mean, happened again?'

Well. Just abit of a dig in The Archives. I'd done it sooner but was a little preoccupied. Then somewhere's else reading reminded me.

Recall a back-issue Sunday Rumble, you know David, amongst my flotsam and jetsam I tossed in a casual aside replying to Whitewall? From Sunday, 16 November 2014 at 18:59:

"You might recall David the Saudis pulling the trigger on the only weapon they had available back in the 70s ... the Oil Shock? You'll note it's not only US produced barrels having the price drop? Two things are afoot *I think* ... Ukraine and impinging on ISIL's revenue streams."

What jogged my memory was reading a sole comment - here;

And yes David, my sixth sense told me you'd be delighted.

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