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Monday, 08 December 2014


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We are always glad to host members of the Royal Family but did they have to pick the start of winter for this inspection of the colonies?

Some Arkie hospitality courtesy of JK and his staff? "Oh Dear".

God, I hope poor old Wills isn't slipped a glass of Magroo's special - he'll lose even more of his hair!

Er, my invite say's simply I'm to "backup the Miss Kate" which lingo I'm understanding to mean as I see fit, the Prince I understand to be Barney's charge.

Whitewall'll appreciate the especiallness I'm certain of a wine being labelled "bonded"

Oh. Hadn't bothered to get past the first paragraph of my invite which I'm reckoning why is I got chose - "backup Miss Kate" wasn't what I'd originally and generally took to mean ... except maybe as regards the "English Lessons" - somthing to do as I'm the only Arkie flying as owner one of these;

As to "lessons" I'm a'reckoning I'm s'posed to teach Kate, The Arkansas Razorback ain't a proper noun

it's a verb.

Never mind all that, JK, have you mastered the curtsy whilst wearing those cowboy boots with 4" heels?

"Cowboy boots"?

Those ain't neither bearing laces or, as is my usual (what we Navy types refer to as, er, Our-style Jump [Para] boots those being zippered?

Or David - with your "understanding [if I may] of 'cowboy boots are pointy-toed" - then in that case "No, I have not."

Now if the boots you mean are the zippered sort (depending on how much altitude is available at the "Oh, I've always hated this part" part) I am Sir quite capable of pulling off a passable curtsy and even a "Virginia Reel!"

Not always though I must admit, too very soon after breakfast, can I manage either without some level of losing my cookies.

JK, well I'll be! Springdale was the first town in Arkansas I visited. It's been a while. Bonded and bonafide.

Cowboy boots with 4"heels? Good lord! Only worn by "fancy fellows" David. They sorta "ride sidesaddle".

Sorry for my mistake, JK, concerning the 4" heels but I am assured that Alan Ladd wore them all the time plus platform soles to get his head above his leading lady's bosom! And I am with you all the way on the difficulties of any sort of bending, bowing or scraping before midday.

OK, Whitewall, gradually I am learning.

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