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Sunday, 14 December 2014


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I thought £15 million for a naval base seemed quite cheap. But another 5 years
of YMD you'll only have couple of frigates left. Will he be able to afford the fuel to get them to Bahrein?

Fuel? Our new navy is totally sustainable.

David, quite a good analogy with the "Duke". The West has wasted a century on the Arab Muslim. Through two world wars and a cold war, this Muslim does little more than squat in the sand, arising to kill some of his own from time to time.

It seems Comrade Obama only has two goals in the Middle East:
- Be out of office when the last helicopters lift embassy staff from Baghdad.
- Be out of office when the first test of an Iranian nuclear bomb takes place over the Dasht-e-Lut.

Thank you for that link Kevin! Imagine being Jack Hawkins and looking along the rows of rowers and spotting a familiar face. Rather plump with a big forehead - it's Mr Duff's friend David - and he has gone bright red and is puffing rather badly. Dave that is, not Mr Duff.

But, BOE, with the actual frigates and rowing boats we have what do we want with a naval base in Bahrain?

"You're a very naughty boy", Kevin and you'll do six years before the oars! And pay no heed to that trouble-maker, BOE, he's an out-and -out Etonianist!

Gloomy but likely, Whitewall.

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