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Sunday, 07 December 2014


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David, does local law require the "crip" obtain a blue and white placard with the picture of a wheel chair on it? These things are required here and they are to be hung from the rear view mirror every time a designated parking slot so marked is taken by the afore mentioned "crip". If a non crip should, lord help him, take one of those spaces, all sorts of hell will fall on him. The fine will be the least of it.

Do you refer to that Russian tv station called RT Today with its green logo? I get it here along with Al Jazeera and Central China tv.

"If a non crip should, lord help him, take one of those spaces, all sorts of hell will fall on him. The fine will be the least of it."

Well now. Appears there is some real difference betwixt Arkansas and North Carolina - cheers for NC!

I've an acquaintance some distance from me Whitewall, Nam vet, paraplegic, wheelchair, the whole kit - plus the tag and the placard you mention. Few weeks ago (3?) took him to his local Wal-Mart. "No rooms in the zone."

As my friend was personally required to be present (pharmacy scrip) I sat out in the parking lot waiting - Every single, each and every one driver whose vehicle occupied the "crip spaces" frolic'd out the exit to their respective parking slot encumbered solely (when at all) by perhaps a tot or two. The spot quickly refilled by another obvious "not-crip."

As it happened there was a cop parked in the lot eating his lunch (Arches in the Wal-Mart) to whom I had time to "share a little conversation" with.

NC apparently, occupies a different quadrant of the universe than AR.

This morning of course it was sonme tropical storm that got them all excited. They didn't even mention the air ambulance landing just over the road.

Oh yes, Whitewall, you have to be duly, er, certified and have all the requisite badges but, as JK recounts, some of the so-called 'crips' look pretty damn sprightly to me!

I say, JK, that was very close to being a literate comment! 'B+', I think, keep it up!

Incidentally, you may have noticed a certain grumpiness in my demeanour today. It reached its full flowering this afternoon in a crowded pub restaurant that we frequently use for a Sunday lunch with friends. Seated in the busy dining area was a large-ish family gathering with a tread-head kid about a year old who spent the entire time screaming at the top of it's voice. Mum and Dad and Gramps and Grandma did nothing. I lasted all of five minutes - a tribute to my good natured tolerance, I feel - before I stood up and brought the entire establishment to complete silence by telling the parents to shut their kid up or leave! Dad and Grandma leapt to the defence of their 'ickle-lickle' infant which only brought forth yet more 'gunfire' from me! A few minutes later the management found us a new table in a separate room! As I passed by, another customer quietly thanked me for speaking up - and I thought, you gutless twat, why didn't you say something?! Honestly, sometimes this English reticence drives me mad! Anyway, in another room we enjoyed a quiet lunch with a family party of about 16-18 people, at least four or five of them being 'lickle-kiddie-winkies', and all of them perfectly well behaved.

Yes, indeed, my 'fuck'em' threshold is getting lower by the day!

By the way, the family concerned left before us but Grandpa quietly asked the management to pass on to me his apologies for the child's behaviour - good on him but I hope Grandma didn't hear or he's in trouble!

And blessings be upon you my son for the meek shall inherit the earth.
Ha ha ha!


I thought the sign that said $100.00 fine (or more) was a fine on being a crip. Obviously, the people you describe are are innocent of being crips.

So I could get out of working by becoming a 'crip', finding out my building did not accommodate 'crips' and get out of working by announcing "If they don't provide 'crip' access, I won't go there?"

And you'd support this?

Anyway, yes, kids can be revolting these days. When I went to a restaurant, I was expected to sit quietly, to look at my food choices and to join in the conversation, or at least listen to it. Any running around would have resulted in us going home. But you need to be careful, you can end up with a punch in the mouth for speaking your mind.

Where's the Monday funnies?

Well, Mayfly, as you well know, I am by nature a very mild, easy going sort of a chap!

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