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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


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For sixty years I read the Daily Telegraph if at all possible. Last May I stopped buying it because of its anti-UKIP bias. I have cut back on watching BBC TV news. We only watch it at 6 pm and even then usually avoid the first 10 to 15 minutes while they clear their latest obsession. In the mornings, I used to watch BBC TV news, then switched to Sky, then realised they were just as bad as the BBC for sticking to the approved line. Jazzera and RT offer a little light relief, but not much. I have not watched BBC current affairs for years - stuff like QT; nor do I listen to Any Questions.

Still there is always your admirable blog with its clear cut unbiased views. Plus John Redwood and Sultan Knish.

Hi Dave commiserations are extended to you. I know what it is like to do an enforced extended shopping trip with a false grimace to say you are enjoying it.Next time do not put on the news play some heavy metal music with a huge glass of vintage port it makes the brain numb and negates the memory.Have a nice Christmas and thanks for the entertainment.

"I am cancelling Christmas"

And no more merciful hangings, I presume?

David...and ALL of these ideas are the Memsahib's? After a while, a reader gets suspicious.

Don't wait till next year. I've cancelled Christmas for this year! Haven't got time for all that nonsense.

Yes, indeed, BOE, you'll not find a hint of bias here at D&N!

No, Andrew, but there might be plenty of 'merciless' hangings!

No, 'Whiters', I didn't quite say that!

I don't care if you have cancelled Christmas this year, Andra, you are still to consider yourself well and truly kissed under the mistletoe!

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