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Monday, 15 December 2014


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Hah hah hah - all gems! I love reading the Monday Funnies while eating my breakfast. I'll try to avoid getting hair on my muffin.

Well my muffin demanded I grow a handlebar moustache (and its really impressively grown .. the dangley ends on the moustache, not the muffin .. well come to think of it, the muffin, may have put on a few pounds .. well, not the muffin part, the bit just beneath the tits

[Ouch! What was that for?!!!] Right ... just the moustache.

I asked "Why a moustache?"

"Handlebars. JK you have the littlest ears!"

Yes, I have seen that luxuriant 'tache of yours, JK, very handsome but, er, how can I put it, a little droopy at the ends!

Clearly Toby Young is a checkers player?

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