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Monday, 08 December 2014


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Well David, you may or may not hear from the ARRB office, but I'll bet the activists for sensitivity toward kangaroos will be all over you. Not to mention the spokes people for one legged men...and I guess it goes without saying that the one armed men also have their advocates. Especially if the missing arm is on the wrong side....

"Especially if the missing arm is on the wrong side...."

Love it!

Ha! Thanks
AFter 154 weeks of unemployment I am discovering what gems are: Fridays, weekends, and the Monday funnies!

Missred..with some more practice you might get good at that "unemployment".

Thanks for posting the Funnies. I actually look forward to Monday, thanks to you. You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. I hope your readership is increasing. Keep up the great work. Hope you get a pet kangaroo for Christmas.

Well done, Miss Red, and I can't believe that it took employers 154 weeks to discover your myriad talents,

Thanks, Pops, and actually I have been wondering about a Xmas parcel that was delivered but which will not stay still under the Xmas tree - it keeps bouncing around all over the place. I fear the worst!

Pops, I think a kangaroo might be rather large for the Duff domain. The tail rather tends to knock things off shelves.
However, we do have a surplus of wallabies around here (mini-kangas) and one of those might do nicely.
David, just say the word and one will be hopping your way.
The pouch would come in handy for all kinds of illicit goods.

No, no, Andra, I want one of those cute, cuddly-thingies that you can be photographed with and then put the messy thing back up a tree.

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