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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


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Mr Blessed is one of my favourite actors.

Z cars was a great show but apparently some cretin wiped all the video tapes of the show to re-use on some other nonsense. Should have been a capital offence. Bastard.

A very stout fellow to manage that under those circumstances.

Not quite all of them, AussieD, because some time ago a 'thesp' friend of mine loaned me one because - natch! - he was in it - for one episode - playing a young villain.

Yes, 'WW', but show an actor an audience and he will need to be certified dead before missing a performance! I jest, of course, and Blessed deserves great praise.

David, so true about actors. The good ones seem driven. I've wondered about your acting work as it seems more than I realized. Did you for a time earn a living by acting? It sounds possible.

A lot of the early Z-cars was made live so there won't have been tapes.

The Z Cars tune was great, do do do, do do do, do do. James Ellis from Carrickfergus was the bar Sgt.

"he rolled his eyes and occasionally clutched his chest."

Sounds like an old ham to me.

"Did you for a time earn a living by acting?" Well, 'WW', I did use to sell second-hand cars and that required a fair bit of acting talent! Oddly enough, the other day I was trying to remember all the roles I have played and it was rather difficult to recall. I might start an occasional 'role-call' ('Very witty, Wilde!') here at D&N and try remember them all because in a way they are old friends.

You're probably right, Frank. And, Jimmy, I had no idea you could hold a tune so well!

Andra, you are right, as it happens, Brian Blessed has a slight touch of ham about him mainly on account of his booming voice but he's a good actor and a brave man.

He sold a car to a fellow actor once, and I had my doubts. The fact that the car is still going would be testament that some of David's acting drew on reality :-).

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while, work suddenly went crazy for a while (a w-hile, as Stewie would say) and even now I still have a lot on. I have taken some time out to organize a shin-ding for the Board of the Company, which requires myself and a colleague checking out the local amenities (during daylight hours, I assure you). We will, as a matter of course, be looking at a certain Pinewood studios which will be housing the cast of the new James Bond movie. I am all a-flutter for the blue eyes of Mr Craig. I know that David will be snorting at the thought of the my idolising a man I'm sure he would not consider a serious AC-TORRRRR but you should check him out in "Endless Love". A striking film, which didn't seem to affect me whilst watching it, but came back to haunt me for several days after. Anyway, he portrays a man rather far away from James Bond.
I am showing my age at work, since I remember Brian Blessed chewing up the scenery in "Blake's 7" but the youngsters here don't even know what that is. I think I like Brian playing himself, as he seems to be a fascinating likeable chap but tends to act using his loud voice.
Speaking of fainting, David, do you remember the dramatic 'pause' to....."All's well that ends well", was it? Where the young lad playing someone's son passed out dramatically.

Mayfly, welcome back! You missed a reference I made to you a few posts back when I came across the old programme for 'The Second Mrs. Tanqueray' and spotted that you had operated the lights and sound. I trust you had me in the spotlight at all times!

But you're wrong about Daniel Craig, he's a classically-trained actor who did his shift at the RSC and I have always admired him although I have yet to see him on stage.

Will I ever forget that 'kiddie-winkie' who passed out in the middle of 'King John'. Fortunately, I was shrewd enough to guess that 'kiddie-winkies' were prone to all sorts of maladies and so I cast two of them - in case! So, when he went down with a crash, the house lights went up and I marched forward up onto the stage and growled, "Get him off, and get the other one on!" That's always been my trouble, too soft!

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