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Thursday, 15 January 2015


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David, GOP clusterflop is our norm, but we are a bit more wise today I think. The Mitt/Jeb "Queensbury Rules" dust up is tailor made for a proper candidate. And as you have mentioned-and I agreed- that would be Scott Walker.

I hope so, 'Whiters', but behind those two there seems to be a football stadium full of wannabe presidents trying to get in on the act. The self-inflicted injuries could be terminal for the GOP whoever wins.


Asking as Kindly/Respectfully/Beggfully (is that a word?) I dunno but for the over and over Agains.

Anyway David, allow me to open a second tab seeking some small intelligence who guffaws? on to whom David you might, as courteously as I may Shut the Fuck-Up as concerns anybody named Walker, Sessions, perhaps Cruz, perhaps Rand Paul until ... at the earliest I'd [almost] beg ... January 20th, 2017?

I'm tempted David ... and ooh boy! [hillbilly expression, maybe NC] ... to say, support, pronounce, Announce Pre-Emptive-like

Duff Announces President HillBilly 2.0 !!!

Allow us David, even with what little *trending & patterns* JK's been ... whispering ... these last ten years; D&N could only claim "reasonable 50/50" the Executive in 2016.

Print up some bumper stickers David

David Duff Supports Hillary Clinton For President

And we'll win dead cert.

Alas, JK, it is 10.20am here and I have not yet enjoyed my essential caffeine injection - hot, black, sweet and strong! (Don't say it!) - and so as I struggled with the opening lines of your comment my head began to ache. However, when I reached the final three lines understanding broke through. As your (sort of) editor might I suggest you could have paraphrased your entire comment to:

Duff, you're a crap forecaster so support 'HillBilly' and all will be well in the Great Republic.

See it's easy and remember what 'our Will' said, "Brevity is the soul of wit".

In Brevis.

I'm not going to read either of those, JK, because even a hardened crap forecaster like me might be induced to a tiny blush!

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