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Friday, 23 January 2015


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We are fighting two wars at once. Islamism is on the front pages and Multiculturalism is in our schools and media. The latter is ally of the former. Both are enemies.

You can fit all of the "Lower 48" into Oz with room to spare and the UK will fit into the home paddock of many of our cattle/sheep stations.

It once took me over an hour to drive from the "front gate" of one station to the homestead.

And Monday is Australia Day. Yay. B-B-Q's and cold beer.

Even a basic understanding of Rome and its rise and fall will see parallels with the rise and decline of Western nations today especially in Western Europe and the US. Bad leadership more often than good, debasement of the currency and what was the final nail in the coffin high levels of immigration and in some cases negative, callous and exploitive treatment of those immigrants.

It just goes to show that size isn't everything! A little tiny country called England has created (not single handedly) a whole world system. If the English language vanished this evening the world would be in chaos.

Jes distillin' from from one lil' extraction David (an' jes the one as my recent dance with distillin' has left me ragged).

"What, for example, does Arkansas have in common with anybody?"

Actually ... we set the scale ... fer everybody else.

At the top is Tom Cotton.

Mike Huckabee is somewhere's middling.

Then there's Bill.


I'm tard Andra otherwise I'd try two separate 'CAPCHAs' - what it was I thought might be coming from the sea - my computer "alarums" due to many things. If the distinctive ding-dong has to do with an EQ say, a set of coordinates rolls by on the ticker - friends and acquaintances general GPS locale has been previously set. Provided I'm not completely whacked ... I'll make *some effort* to let em know.

I'm not too worried about th4 Islamism, Whitewall, but the internal enemies are a real danger.

Yes, AussieD, but the difference is that all you Aussies cling to edges of the biggest desert in the world so you don't have anything like the internal pressures of the USA.

As I would expect from a man with a classical name like yours, Antisthenes (welcome back, by the way), a good pointer to a classical period. Now, where did I put my Gibbon . . . ?

True, to a degree, BOE, but on the other hand there are a few English-speaking voices I wish would disappear overnight!

"Tom Cotton"! Say no more, JK, your point is well made!

Hi David,

In 1990, my late friend Lawrence Auster wrote a pamphlet called The Path To National Suicide. Like so much of his writing, it was prophetic. You can find it here; I consider it "required reading" for anyone who wants to understand the demographic roots of America's accelerating decline.

That's the main course, but for a little amuse-bouche beforehand, I offer this 2004 speech by former Colorado governor Richard Lamm.

Thanks, Malcolm, and I recall you mentioning his name in one of your threads over at your place. Alas, the first link you provide above doesn't seem to work but I have found his former blog spot preserved, fortunately, despite his death. I will dip in over the next few days.


See your first map.

Probably more important for understanding the US and Europe is that there is more cultural difference between Dover and Thruso than between Houston and Wichita or Fargo ND for that matter. And probably more for the same distance most places on the Continent. Which is one of the problems trying to create a European Union.

Very sorry all: here's the correct link for Auster's pamphlet:

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