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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


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Well young Alex ripped the train mob a new one - and so politely. Well done that lad.

Yes, I think the Boy Scouts will have to mint a new badge for him!

Perhaps the sum symbol Σ [Sigma] superimposed on an extended middle finger would be appropriate.

I'll bet there were some harsh words directed towards the lad in the boardroom and by your mate Dim Dave.

Love young Alex. I just wish he wouldn't say haitch............I must admit I am very surprised you lot are teaching kids to say's wrong......yes, I know, Miss Woods, circa 1955 Eng. Lit.etc.

Aitch..........aitch.............repeat after me, aitch............
If you don't believe me check your dictionary.

He's H A PPY ( haitch Aye Pee Pee Why) ot as in Haitch for Horse.
Galpin Road School 1945- from assorted female teachers who tended to get spots, swell up and leave.

The young man was no doubt well briefed by his elders who could not make a case. Typical for adults to put up a child for their aims. I would nationalise the railways without compensation to the carpet baggers and expand it ten fold.

I would nationalise the railways

Hasn't Nationalisation been tried before in your neck of the woods Jimmy? If my reading on the subject is only partly near the truth it didn't work out all that well in terms of service and reliability.

It was successful but underfunded. The Tories sold it off to their pals who now get public money as well as the profits. Biggest con since the bus sell off in 1986. The bus owners still get millions in subsidy.

Twaddle, Jimmy! British Rail was a clapped out, useless, inefficient, strike-bound, waste of time and money!

It was clapped out because off lack off investment. Public money is going straight into the hands of shareholders. And what about the stockholders who never produced one item of rolling stock . Do you forget that David!

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