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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


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David I will buy the DVD wben the price comes down. The soldier did his duty and killed the enemy just like the air force and the RA ten mile snipers.

Jimmy, I have nothing against his trade as a sniper and I would certainly not question his courage but none of that makes him worth 90 minutes of my time watching the tedious story of his life. And you are in danger of entering that area covered by the notorious phrase, "We were just obeying orders"! There is no excuse for not thinking!

I won't even watch the download from Pirate Bay. I tend to find that anything based on real life is tedious and not worth watching. The only parts that stray from RL is those where they want to make a political point.

All in all another film I won't be watching.

A touch sweeping, my Lord, because you have just tossed away all of Shakespeare's 'histories'. True, he also made some "political points" but they did not detract from their excellence. And anyway, you can't make a film or play or write a book about a soldier's life without implying some political viewpoint no matter how factual you make it.

It is a tad but let me qualify then.

Many history films, etc. can be made easily and still have something worth watching. It is when it starts with the words 'Based on a real life story' or something similar. The book for this film which I cam across had that in large print on the front. In my experience a film that starts that way has me asleep half way through.

So it isn't facts I'm interested in. I'm looking for fantasy, even in films based on historic events.

RL is boring to watch on the screen. I'm after entertainment.

Maybe it is just me. :)

I take your point, my Lord, and anything that starts with "based on real life" I treat as fiction and then it is up to the writer/director to enchant me - or not! I think, on the basis of having watched half of Eastwood's film, that he deliberately put the weight on the 'real life' side which was a brave decision given that his hero (and he was an extremely heroic soldier) was as dull as ditch water! The fact that he was, like *most* members of the public both 'over here' and 'over there', an unthinking 'grunt' pursuing pointless aims (no pun intended) at the behest of people who should have been thinking for him, may have been Eastwood's subversive point. Or, of course, the whole thing might have been 'Eastwoodian' hero-worship. I'm not sure. Why don't you go and see it and come back and tell me what you think.

Perhaps the target audience for this film, didn't include you Mr Duff. It was probably aimed at Sullen Whites, a large minority. The SWs are fed up with the cost and incompetence of their government and its incessant meddling on behalf of another minority.

Definitely not aimed at me, BOE, but why don't you pop along and take a look at it? Cinemas are wonderful in the afternoon, hardly anyone in them and the only irritation are the snores of the pensioners, er, like you and me!

I will wait for iTunes. I might not bother at all; esp after yr review!

Someone paying the slightest attention to one of my reviews, well, I suppose there had to be a first time!

David the Nazis were obeying orders and seemingly enjoyed doing it more so when they killed more civilians than soldiers. This sniper was just killing the enemy as ordered. He was not putting civilians on trucks, trains and sending them to holiday camps.

Jimmy you are nearly as out of date as me! The idea of soldiers and civilians being different entities is as dead as the first people Sniper Kyle shot dead - a woman and boy both carrying a bomb! This is asymmetric warfare, Jimmy, it's a different world from WWII.

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